This time is for real, at least regarding their media activities [Update]

It looks like we will at last see the presentation of a new car by NEVS. Yes it will be at CES Asia on June 7 in Shanghai.

First Chinese Car news outlets have begun to write small posts about it, but they seem to have missed a couple of things.

Regarding the looks of the car they point at a rather old picture of the 9-3 at the time they had to stop using the SAAB emblems. That was a rather ugly front grille and made the car rather ugly.

Photo by Reuters

This picture is from January 2016, and there are many reasons why I don’t think the car will look like this. On the description of the Foto CarNewsChina says that the lower Grill has also been updated, although it is a MY12 Front Bumper, and regarding to the rear end they also talk about new lamps, but they a re normal MY2008 rear lamps, so the guy writing the article doesn’t seem to be an expert regarding SAAB or NEVS and he has written something.

I did also see the same news on other Chinese page, this time written in Chinese, and with the help of Google I got a similar text as on CNC, but it also has other mistakes like adding information about an Range Extender to come, which is, regarding my sources, absolutely wrong.

But we also had that picture of a slightly changed 9-3 underneath a countdown-clock.

Picture by

On that picture the shown 9-3 has many more changes in respect of the MY’14 SAAB 9-3 than the pictures shown by CNC.

And today a mysterious picture has appeared on the german site. SAABblog says that Mr. MAttias Bergman had a speech in Stockholm on May 9 on the 2ND SWEDEN – CHINA GREEN COOPERATION CONFERENCE. During his speech he must have shown a picture of what will be shown in Shanghai on June 7, the new NEVS 9-3 EV. But there is catch in that picture. The author says that the net is full of it, but it is not. I was not able to find it anywhere else. Further he speaks about a blurry picture, but if you look more closely to the picture you can see that the blurriness is made via CGI.

Nevertheless the picture is very interesting, and shows a 9-3 with a different front that doesn’t look that bad, but it is too early to say. Also interesting is that the 9-3 is presented side by side with a CUV that looks similar till the B-pillar and a little bit different at the back.

If we go back to the last press release from NEVS, we learned there that now further cars based on the 9-3 would be developed/presented till 2020 where the public will see the first “all-new” NEVS. So maybe this CUV is one of those 9-3 based models. And taking a look at the Swedish Trademark Database, you can see that NEVS still has the rights on 9-3 and on 9-3X, so from this point of view does also make sense that the other 9-3 based car is a cross-over.

It will be an interesting month, and it would be perfect if NEVS shows something to the fans at the SAAB-Museum festival two days after their big presentation in Shanghai.

[Update] I have the confirmation that that picture is real. It shows the 9-3 EV, which has been redone on the exterior and interior and a SUV that shows what the next gen NEVS will look like. Those two cars will be presented on June 7 at CES Asia in Shanghai, hope to get access to pictures as I will not be able to be there.[Update]

And for the ones that doesn’t follow NEVS YouTube channel, after the Video from Kai Johan Jiang about what is the essence of NEVS, now they have posted two teasers on a new video, this time you can see Hans-Martin Duringhof talking about their business model of mobility as a service reusing the claim “We are NEVS”. So for me they will ramp up their efforts on marketing to tell the public who they are, what they want to do and what will be their first products that they want to launch.

16 thoughts on “This time is for real, at least regarding their media activities [Update]”

  1. I saw some photos of it yesterday , not sure which website, but it like an old Saab 9-3, especially from the rear. It is not a car that would sell well in the US, as it appears to be what it is, a 15 year old design. It might sell well enough in China, depending on the price. Can we assume that all of these cars will be coming out of the new factory? If so, is anything being build in Sweden for these vehicles?

  2. Thanks for the info. It is nice to see SU having some content, so I appreciate that. I will say that I just cannot get excited about this NEVS product, as the architecture is from a model that is so dated now. I guess it will give them the resources to develop newer models, so that is good, but by that time (or now, frankly) this will really be a Chinese manufacturer, and then I suspect I will care even less. I think that for many of us Saab faithful (34 years for me) the only Saabs in our future are the existing used ones, and as those fade away (and they are already disappearing), then that will be it.

  3. Red J, is the picture from January 2016 (i.e. not 2006)? I hope you are right about a newer grill. The one pictured, especially the full view in the provided link, is not an effort that speaks well of NEVS.

    • No, it’s not. It will be something different, I’m looking forward to se the design language on that car, but on the other side both cars seems to have the same family front.

      • Yes it is tho! 😛
        Mattias Bergman did say himself that the one to the left would be a 9-3x and the one to the right is the new 9-3 Sedan on the picture.
        It was on an event in Trollhattan that he showed the new sneak peak of the ”new” 9-3 to the people at Trollhättan Energis event. It was also live streamed on fb so everybody could see it.

        • Hi,
          I rhink you got me wrong. I’ve already said in the post that the second car could very well use the 9-3X naming. On the other side, what I wanted to say with my response to Stefan is that that car is not just an old 9-3X with a new front like the NEVS 9-3 but a completely new car based on a new platform.
          BTW, do. you have a link to that Facebook live stream ?

    • A concise way of summarize the history. I choose to be a bit excited from what they might reveal. Personally I am still very much in favour with the 9-3 design. Dated? Not if you ask me.

      • I hope one day Nevs will realize all this was a mistake and sell back the Saab plant to a reputable car maker who will truly rebuild Saab and Saab AB could let someone else use the Saab name again.

        • It is your valid opinion. But what could be a truly SAAB?
          And which reputable car maker do you think could have any interest in doing so?
          The time for the white knight is long gone, and this is what we have. The SAAB fans can ignore NEVS or hope that their products can be seen as the truly successor of the SAAB tradition.
          I belong to the second group and in June I will see if the new design is worth waiting for.

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