We are NEVS, and other things going on at NEVS.

There has been more going on at NEVS than usual in the last months. At the end of February they announced their framework agreement with CATL regarding Battery supply, which seems to be a big deal as CTL has managed to increase their production capacities just to be second behind Tesla/Panasonic and leaving behind LG-Chem or Samsug SDI. I talked too NEVS, and that meant that the battery package had to be slightly reengineered, but all in all it was a good thing for NEVS. As a side note, CATL is since January owner of 22% of the shares of Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki. Yes, the Automotive world is quite small.

Last week NEVS announced its cooperation with ICONIQ, another e-Car brand from China. It looks like having an e-Car production license in China is not that bad. NEVS will produce the ICONIQ Seven, a Luxury Battery-Electric-MPV, that has been developed in Austria by Magna, designed in Italy by Studiotorino and has financial backing from the Arab Emirates by W Motors (the makers of the Lykan,the first Arab Supercar). The ICONIQ seven will be produced in the Tianjin factory starting from 2019 side by side with the NEVS 9-3. So it looks like at least one production facility from NEVS won’t stay idle.

On a side note, NEVS seems to now be willing to develop further cars on the Phoenix 1.0 platform (9-3) till 2020 when the first phoenix 3.0 will be launched. We’ll see!

But I wanted to talk about something different.

When NEVS presented as a brand, they produced a professional video to present themselves to the broad public. At that time they used the claim “A movement in motion.” It was a well made video, but it didn’t say much about what would be going on at NEVS on the moths/years after that. Weeks later they presented a second video, this time from the internal presentation of the brand NEVS in front of the workers at the facilities in Trollhättan, and at that time I thought that one sentence spoken by Jonas Hernqvist had a lot of strength internally but also to the broader public if used wisely. This sentence was:

We are NEVS!

Well, it seems like I wasn’t the only one. For the last week NEVS has been teasing on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram a new marketing video on the brand NEVS, this time with Kai Johan Jiang, speaking Swedish, as the central figure. It is about the “need” to go electric and why NEVS with the Chinese future and the Swedish past is a an interesting option regarding this need.


I’m not the marketing guy, and for me nothing speaks a clearer language than a solid capable product, but on the other side, I already talked about NEVS having its first public presence on a show at the CES Asia, so maybe they will now try to ramp up their public visibility.

I’ve read somewhere else that at CES Asia we’ll see more than words on projected powerpoint presentations, so maybe this time it’s for real.

BTW, something must be going on in Trollhättan, as on April 25 the fire department had to go to visit NEVS development center as a Battery caught fire because of a short circuit. According to the local newspaper ttela not much happened as the test facilities are prepared for such events.

2 thoughts on “We are NEVS, and other things going on at NEVS.”

  1. Thank you, Red J, for bringing SU back to life with these articles!

    Do your sources know what happened to Beijing National Battery Technology Co. Ltd, which Kai-Johan Jiang’s State Holdings held a share in and were supposed to supply batteries to NEVS?

    • No, they did not tell much about it, but from what I heard it is on the one side a question of capacity, and in the other a political question. It seems like the Chinese government doesn’t like to have hundreds of small battery companies.

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