2017 SAAB Museum Festival, a recap.

The festival was worth going there, not only because of the cars and the talks with other “saabisti”, but because you learn lots of things of the past and maybe the future.

For example, by checking the VIN of the very last 9-5 wagon in the museum I’ve learned that my car “Redna” is one of the last 20 cars with the 2.3L engine. The ones with the 2.0L engine have a different serial number.

Redna. Credits: RedJ

That if you have the time, you can take an 9-5 II sedan and a Opel Insignia S-W and make a 9-5 II SportWagon.

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I don’t know why I haven’t made no picture of that car. 🙁

The 9-5 II SC site (9-5sc2012.com) is working on a write-up of the creation of the “Griffin”.

And that the SAAB Turbo word logo with that O looking like a turbine wheel look perfect everywhere.

But also that the NEVS 9-3 EV will have a less luxurious interior, without the alcantara and the piano black surfaces and the gear paddles on the wheel, as those had no function at all.

Dashboard NEVS 9-3 EV. Credits: NEVS

But also that NEVS is not closed to sell or lease cars to private persons, but that the 9-3 and 9-3X are not meant for that purpose, but the next gen cars, due in 2020, will.

Also that the factory in Trollhättan will produce bodies for China starting sometime after the summer vacations, which can be translated to somewhere in September.

And that NEVS is following a design line that is known and appreciated by many of us for their next generation of cars.

And although NEVS think that full autonomous driven vehicles will come earlier than even they expected in 2012/13, they will continue designing cars with a steering wheel in the meantime and even after the inMotion concept becomes reality.

And before I forget it, thank you to everyone of you that still continues reading our posts at Saabsunited. I’ve learned that the work at SU is appreciated, and this gives me the needed motivation to continue.

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Jesse Crandle

The thanks should be given to you and everyone who posts on Saabs United, I only speak English, so if there’s ever mention of NEVS in Swedish news I’d never know about it except for here. Same goes for Chinese news. While I don’t post all that often I have been posting for 5 or so years now, and I check the site on a weekly basis just to see if there’s any breaking NEVS news. This site is the only way I’d even know there was still movement inside the Trollhättan factory, so thank you.

Angelo V.

Ditto, Jesse. This is my go-to site. If there is NEVS news, I expect to see it here.


I also enjoyed the Festival. It was again a super to meet all friends (certainly also you, Red J and your wife on the ferry going back to Kiel, It was a perfect event and I am sure that all who were present have supported the Saab Museum. I really hope that such a festival will be organized in the future again while this is one of the events where we as Saabist can revive!!


Your efforts are much appreciated,many thanks Red J.

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