Another day, another picture of the NEVS 9-3 EV and snippets from the Swedish press

Yesterday some pictures of the exterior of the real cars were posted by NEVS on their weChat channel. Today NEVS have posted again, this time a video with a Chinese man talking in the background. Pictures of heavy traffic and pollution.

Then a title is shown reading “NEW VEHICLE”. (The titles are shown in Chinese and english. After that you can see an exterior view of the NEVS 9-3 X and what it looks like a mock-up of the interior (as the A-pillars are missing).

Dashboard NEVS 9-3 EV. Credits: NEVS

This is what I thought I was seing in the background of the pictures yesterday.
For my opinion this option is too black in black, although I think this is once again only a CGI and the real thing wont be as flat, regarding to the light, as that.

What I like is that they’ve kept the main structure of a SAAB dash, which is good, what I don’t like is the 2-gauge instruments. I love my SAAB 3 gauge instruments with the speedo in the center, but it looks like this time you’ll have some kind of screen in the center showing navigation instructions and the likes.

BTW, if one gauge is the speedo, what is the second gauge for? As both show a cero.

This is what I would say is one of its most direct competitors.

2018 e-Golf interior. Credits: VW

I don’t see why the 2018 e-Golf could look more modern than the NEVS 9-3 EV.

Regarding the center console, there is no butterfly cup holder, but two normal cup holders, which is not as quirky but more functional. I know, the SAAB 9-3 had a second hidden cup holder, but in my case it is always full with some rubbish, and therefore not of much use

Center console NEVS 9-3 EV. Credits: NEVS

Start/Stop button in its natural position, and a smaller gear lever which looks more modern.

I must admit, that after all those changes I was expecting an electric handbrake, but this is not the case.

I think pictures of the real thing will give us more insight into the materials used and their structure.

On an interview with Stefan Tilk at the local newspaer, Vice Chairman at NEVS, he says that they also want to test their mobility program in Trollhättan but on a smaller scale. And that in January the decision was taken to build the 9-3X EV next to the 9-3 but it was kept secret till now.

Mattias Bergman on an other article says that next week we will see the cars based on the 9-3 and a concept of the cars that they aim to start producing in 2020.

And on a last interview with Mattias Bergman, this time on Swedish radio P4West he says that some parts of body will be pressed in Trollhättan and some parts will come from Tidaholm. In Tidaholm is the company that build the dashboards for NEVS (Parts Sweden AB) and that went bankrupt in 2014, last year NEVS bought the company.

9 thoughts on “Another day, another picture of the NEVS 9-3 EV and snippets from the Swedish press”

  1. The second gauge could be the battary gauge, combined with a part for the coolant temperature. Electric cars are these days cooled by coolant and the coolant also been used for the heatingsystem of the climate control.

    Then what i asked in an other topic: Where is the display fpr the side mirors?
    Perhaps is that display combined with the radio/navigation system, jus as what can been seen with reversing camera’s.
    Or, are the 2 screens for the side mirrors on the top of the dashboard and then one beside the left and one beside the right A-pillar? It looks like it this last option, but i’m not sure. This option comes as close to the “normal”posotion for “normal” mirros, so for the use i practice,this is the most “natural option”.
    Who now’s the answer: Please set your answer in this topic.

    • I haven’t noticed it, but after you asked again I’ve watched the picture again. It looks like there are small screens besides the a-pillars above the vents.

  2. “Mattias Bergman on an other article says that next week we will see the cars based on the 9-3 and a concept of the cars that they aim to start producing in 2020.”

    And…? Any info or pics about those concepts?

    • As you can see in the other posts, the concept was not a car but a pod, and showed the more distant future for NEVS.

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