CES Asia is about to start

And the preparations at the NEVS booth are going forward.

Opportunities in motion in the making! Tomorrow we'll reveal the future of mobility. Keep an eye out for more updates! #NEVS #OpportunitiesInMotion #cesasia

A post shared by NEVS (@nevsofficial) on Jun 6, 2017 at 5:06am PDT

NEVS will be together with BMW, Volvo, Honda , Hyunday and Merceds-Benz in the same hall.

Tomorrow will be a stressful day, but I’ll try to publish things as they happen.

1 thought on “CES Asia is about to start”

  1. Not having been on the site for a long time. I looked with interest at the 3 long emails from NEVS this morning with some dismay. I see little new and the only visual that makes sense is a face lift 9.3 with a new name, a car that was seriously showing its age when last produced. I have driven Saabs for years, the most recent were 9.5 Aeros. My last Saab was a 9.3 x which was the only new car available when Saab went under which quite frankly was horrid and I only kept it for a year loosing a lot of money.
    Should I go electric it won’t be Chineese in any form (although I do have 2 Volvos) It would be Tesla who seem to be the only car producer with any foresight, but not until there is a substantial breakthrough in battery tech.

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