It was a long day…

…at least for me, but maybe also for the guys at NEVS. Today they had their first public exposure, and from what I’ve seen and read, it looks like they have managed it quite well.

NEVS booth. Credits: NEVS

On the booth you had on the one side the cars in a more traditional way, in the form of the 9-3 and the 9-3X, but in the center you had, what they think it is the future for the urban mobility, the InMotion Concept. Yes it has a capital I and a capital M.

And this is what the designers say.

InMotion is a Level 5 autonomous electric car, something like the “Jonny Cab” from Total Recall, yes the one from 1990. It is meant for the urban population and their mobility needs in cities that are already too crowded. Those people think that their smartphone is more important than a car, und therefore for them a smartphone centric mobility solution is best.
Yes, there are non-robotic cabs currently, and they do their job well, but we are not riding horses either.

The two side-windows are meant to be OLED screens that could show you AR-information, or, when using the pod as a small conference center, the presentation data. The seats can be adapted to the situation, and every interaction with the pod is via smartphone, no need for any kind of console.

Here the important facts from the press-release.

FACTS about Opportunities InMotion:

You can use NEVS InMotion to reduce congestion

  • Effective use of shared mobility in conjunction with interconnected autonomous transport systems means more time for family, friends, leisure and work.
  • More effective mobility solutions means reduced number of cars and parking spaces – more space green areas and human-centric city development.

You can use NEVS InMotion to reduce pollution

  • Effective use of electric cars means that we in the long run can spend time outside without worrying about your health.
  • Intelligent mobility systems contributing to integrated sustainable city means less pollution, better health and safer roads

You can use NEVS InMotion to provide convenience

  • The users will have a flexible access to a car, without car ownership- That means the best type of vehicle for your different needs on-demand and go anywhere, anytime.
  • Flexible user space means you have the opportunity to relax, create, or socialise in your own personalised environment depending on your current needs.

Features and functions:

  • Designed to showcase personalised mobility solutions
  • Large curb side door for safe convenience
  • Adaptive interior space providing a flexible environment
    • Set to user preferences on approach
    • Clean, uncluttered and durable, yet personal design theme
    • Configurable seating 3 Modes
      • Private
      • Social
      • Meeting
    • User customisable Lighting
    • Individual Climate control
    • Durable yet comfortable reclining seats
  • Wireless technologies
    • Wireless Charging
    • In Motion function control from personal device
  • NEVS InMotion App provides users with a single seamless intuitive interface.

But there were also proper cars on the stage and I get the impression that people were showing some interest.

NEVS 9-3 EV. Credits: NEVS

I don’t know, but in real metal the cars look much better than a CGI. And at last we get some proper interior pictures.

The dashboard looks much better than any 9-3 Dashboard I’ve seen to date. The steering wheel with a leather Airbag cover, the piano black finish and the metal parts that seem to be real metal and not painted plastic gives the car a much more upmarket stance than any other SAAB 9-3.

The day started with three press releases from NEVS. Two of them I’ve already talked about, and the third was a cooperation between NEVS and Microsoft on car connectivity.

To put it short, Microsoft will deliver the cloud technology for NEVS shared mobility solutions.

Now the day comes to an end, the NEVS climax is over and now I have to prepare myself for the next big thing, the ride to Trollhättan to assist at the 2017 SAAB Museum festival.

If somebody want’s to simply say hi, I think you will recognise my car, well the car from my wife.

I will on the one side get as much information from the NEVS seminar by Frank Smit but also to enjoy a weekend with friends surrounded by very very nice cars.

10 thoughts on “It was a long day…”

  1. RedJ, thanks for your press release and photos. You’ve done a great job. Respect.

    Even if it’s not a Saab any more, still nice to read news from familiar space in automotive business.

    Now, let’s leave the opinion about Nevs to the market, I’m interested – what people will say, or if they will say anything at all. There are new companies, like FaradayFuture, or LinkCo – they come to market with big show. First appearance of Nevs wasn’t that loud.

  2. The gearlever has a +/- sign.
    Does this car have a gearbox where the driver is able to change gear? If so, I’ve never seen this feature in an electric.

  3. Nice coverage RedJ. Thank you.
    Bright new World. Even if it is not SAAB any more, I can’t resist to wish for some SAAB dna in the vehicles that NEVS develops. Still nice with some new issues on this site.
    BTW, what kind of car do your wife drive?

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