It was a Pod

Last Friday NEVS posted a mysterious picture on their social channels. We had the whole weekend to wonder what it was and also to see first impressions of the cars that will be build in China next year.

Now NEVS has published a first teaser of the fourth instalment of their “We are NEVS” series.

On the first chapter Kai Johan Jiang talked about NEVS from an owners perspective, on the second Hans-Martin Duringhof talked from the product development view. Last week we have been able to hear the thoughts of Anna Haupt who is in charge of the product innovation at NEVS and the time she started at NEVS in october 2016 she was meant to lead the autonomous drive team.

Today with this first teaser we will see and hear the designer’s point of view. You can see tree rather young people, that I expect to be actual creative designers at NEVS talking about sharing as the saver for all problems. You can also see the resolution of the mysterious image, and yes I was wrong, it is a self driving pod for 4 people. Something like the VW SEDRIC, but with a less bus-like configuration.

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Be looking forward to the podcast! 😉

Saab was a car you bought because you appreciated some of its finer points. It was, as CAR Magazine used to call it, “A thoughtful car for thoughtful people”. Not sure how that ethos fits with a car you never own but only share.


I sure hope bed bugs don’t join in on the car sharing! Big plague of the nasty hitch-hikers here in Ohio.

Angelo V.

I don’t even like leasing cars. I own my cars. I don’t want to share my cars. Call me greedy or car me a car enthusiast—-it’s clear that NEVS isn’t trying to appeal to car enthusiasts, that’s for damn sure.

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