Mysterious Car [Update]

At the Saabmuseum there is a covered car. I think that this is the birthday present from NEVS.

Mysterious Car. Credits: RedJ

After peeking a little bit below the cover and seeing the car that is placed behind, I think that I know what is this car.

Mysterious Car and 99 Turbo. Credits: RedJ

The car is the incarnation of a net ghost. I thought I had seen a picture of that car back in 2015, but it was not till this last winter that I found it. In one of my latest posts I talked about it as a picture with no proven authenticity, but now I know that this car exists.

Photo Credit: Willem Bierema

The car is a Turbo tribute version to honour the Saab 99 Turbo. The color is similar to the original cardinal red, the wheels are a modern vision of the inca wheels, and the exhaust note is also similar to the sound of the 99 and 900 Turbo.
The project is a little bit older and started in 2014 when NEVS had its first cash crisis.

This car was shown to a bunch of online media guys in 2016, when they were invited by NEVS to visit them and talk to the future.

Frank Smit had in mind, that NEVS could build 1.000 units and sell them. Well this did not happen and the car willl remain a concept that will remain in the museum.

A last trivia, for that project the guys at NEVS asked Peter Bäckström if he could give them an original 99 Turbo gauge, today Peter got his Turbo gauge back with some interest, as he said.

12 thoughts on “Mysterious Car [Update]”

  1. It’s a damn shame this car never made it to market. As Terry says, it’s a lovely facelift. I would’ve quite happily replaced my current 9-3 with this. What a beautiful car!!

    • It is even more silly, that “Nevs” were not able to see it’s potential, re-introducing the previous 9-3 as the ‘nevs’ version, when in fact it was standing there staring at them….. Now, that has to be their biggest ever failure (Beyond their 2nd bankruptcy, of course)…….!!!

      You have to ask if this was ever anything to do with saving SAAB, or just asset stripping……!!

    • I will maintain that if the right company was approved to take over the assets in the Spring of 2012, there was a path to salvaging what little was left—-and a road to redemption. The 9-3 line, sedan, wagon and convertible could have soldiered on & kept dealers in business—-a lifeline for a span of time while new products were developed. I wrote back then and I stand buy it now—-if a company like Mahindra was involved, the 9-3 could have been a flagship built in Sweden while facelifts and superior engineering were performed on some vehicles they already had available—-putting Saab in a new, more affordable entry level category. Cobbling that together for a few years while waiting for something tremendous on the Phoenix platform was doable. Or the other path would be less attainable but more secure—-a company like BMW or VW—-or Geely grabbing Saab and taking it higher and better. In any event, throwing Saab in the NEVS garbage pail finished off the carcass.

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