The countdown has started [Update]

NEVS has started for The presentation at the CES Asia in Shanghai next Wednesday.
For that they have posted a mysterious picture on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Credit: NEVS

I have no clue what we are looking at, but I think it is smaller than one might think.

As Jacko already noticed, yesterday NEVS published some pictures of the real cars on their WeChat channel. This seems to be for their Chinese public only as the text is only in Chinese, but nevertheless the pictures are interesting for all of us.

The pictures don’t show nothing that we didn’t know, but as I expected the proportions of the car look better than on the CGIs, most of all the hood.

Nevertheless, the pictures on the wall show some details of the still unknown interior, like this full-sized sun-roof.

Full-size sun-roof.

On the background can also be seen a picture of the dashboard, but because of the low resolution of the pictures it’s not much to see there. But it looks like a big screen where the radio used to be and new AC-controls. The steering wheels also looks different, but maybe is just my imagination.

There is also a Chinese site optimised for mobile devices, that seems to be related to NEVS, at least the design fits, which is showing an somehow interesting video.

It begins with the Ur-SAAB then makes a jump too the Phoenix Concept, then you can see the front of the NEVS 9-3 EV and at the end you see something strange, with proportions that don’t feel like a car or even a self driven pod. So it will be interesting what this “thing” stands for.

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Good pics there, Jacko. Do they give any insight into the above photo?


Red J, by smaller do you mean a small piece of something (say a car) or perhaps a car smaller than the 9-3?

Jesse Crandle

There’s a sort of design language specific to Europe, then to the USA, and again to Asia. Swedish vehicles were sort of a niche within European design language, but you could tell it was at least most closely related to European design. THIS? This says either Chinese or Korean to me. The cars you see from those two countries have many design similarities to the closeups here. The tail lights, the headlights, the cameras, it’s all that very high tech almost computer peripheral looking design that comes from Asia. Not really my cup of tea, I’m hoping that when they… Read more »


Really good work NEVS. I am impressed and convinced regarding the redesign of the old good looking 9-3. I would order one right away if only I had somewhere to charge it.

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