The last day of the 2017 Saabmuseum festival.

It feels a little bit melancholic to write about the last day, as I could also write about the third day of the festival, but today was a gray day, and not only because the sky had just that colour.

After two days of meeting people you haven’t seen for a long tima a having great talks with them about our beloved cars and how the future could turn out, today was the day for good byes, but I prefer to say see you at the next festival .

Todays main event was the flee market.

Saabmuseum festival fleemarket. Photo: RedJ

This is the opportunity for many to find that part to complete the restoration of an older Saab. For others is just a way to find that memorabilia of that Saab of the past. So no matter what you search, that flee market is the best way to find it.

The day ended for me with a lecture by Peter Bäckström on the Saab Museum the region and the future.

Peter Bäckström. Photo: RedJ

Sorry about the quality, but I had nothing more than my smartphone for taking pictures.

Peter talked about the whereabouts of the former Saab employees. Those are spreading the saabishness among many projects of different companies. The two most notorious are CEVT and NEVS.

He also talked about the future of the museum, and as the museum is mostly financed by the city of Trollhättan, the success of events like this shows the politicians that investing money is worth while, and as Peter said, as long as we, the SAAB community, keep atending at such events, the museum will be there.

Regarding attendance, without this being official numbers. On saturday they wanted to park about 800 cars arround the museum for the car show. They had to close the parking area sooner than expecting and some cars stayed outside. At the same time at the Kinnekulle Ring about further 200 cars where either racing or parked at the parking area. So I can say that more than thousand Saab cars assisted at the festival, and this is really a lot.

Now, I’m seating in my cabin in the ferry on the way home.

Not Sunny. Photo: RedJ

See you at the next festival, maybe 2019(?).

2 thoughts on “The last day of the 2017 Saabmuseum festival.”

  1. Red J, Thanks for all the reports covering the festival. And for the pictures. Looking at them made me realize what a great design the 99 is. It gets somewhat lost between the older SAABs and the iconic 900, but the designers really came up with something special (and very Swedish – especially the early ones with chrome bumpers). I remember buying a 99 as a young man. All my acquaintances had to hear about all the features e.g. overhead cam engine, freewheeling, front wheel drive, folding rear seat ( these things weren’t common in the US at the time). All in a a distinctive body with a comfortable interior.

    Well, I have gotten off the point, but I am sure people who attended the festival and/or read your posts have similar thoughts about SAABs they have owned over the years.

  2. The last day was indeed a bit rainy but for me it was a great day; I did find on the flee market what I was looking for since quite some time, That is the Saab logo for the short-nose from 1961 and before. Mine is a bit damaged and now I can have this fine car shine in his total glory again.

    The meeting was absolutely a success. Many contributed to the museum and I look forward to another organized weekend by the museum so that THT is again full with Saabs, the hotels and restaurants fully booked and the museum just too small to have all inside at the same time.
    So Peter; you know what to do:)

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