Saab CabrioChallenge 2017 – a journey in Södermanland

Saab CabrioChallenge celebrated this year 10 years, and even this year we got a report and great photos from our old friend Mioh! Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

This years Saab CabrioChallenge took place 7th-9th September, and we started from Vidbynäs (Nykvarn) and ended up in Trosa. This event has been run annually since 2008 and attracted even this year a large number of happy Saabers. Friday evening there was arranged a common dinner at Vidbynäs Castle for those who were in place the day before the start of the rally. Saturday morning all gathered at the castle for a welcome greeting and distribution of the roadbook and a great looking Saab CabrioChallenge cap, we rolled in to central Nykvarn for the mandatory group-photo.

After the group-photo was taken the rain stop for the day, so we was able to cab down before we hit the road through Södermanland. Along the road towards the final goal of Trosa, trees, churches, lunch restaurants, meadows, ice-cream stands and watercourses were passed, before we after many wonderful miles hit our final destination – Bomans Hotel. In the evening everyone was gathered in the hotels large hall where a fine dinner was served for us, and we enjoyed the whole evening with good food and good atmosphere in true Saab-spirit.

Sunday morning started with breakfast and after we checked out we took a drive to Sparreholm Castle to visit their museum and retro cafe. Satisfied and happy we all thanked everyone for a nice weekend and the organizers wished all welcome to Saab CabrioChallenge 2018.
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And now, the pictures!

Friday’s dinner and the gathering at the start of Saturday morning were at Vidbynäs Castle.
Early Saturday morning: All participating cabriolets get a Saab CabrioChallengecaps to celebrate the 10th anniversary room. Alternatively we got the caps just because we looked nice. Roadbook was also distributed.

Heading for the group photo location in central Nykvarn.

The Group Photo! All participants are happy and ready for today’s upcoming adventure. This year the group photographer escaped climbing in mountains, climbing in the crane and standing in the skylight and waving. This made me happy. Click on the image for larger size. 1920×1200
Photography *check* and the rain ended for the day.

The first stop along the way was a classic. Chaos-creation at a church.

So happy was the most all the time. You get happy to drive a Saab cab! 🙂

Time for lunch!

Happy and filled up after the lunch we hit the beautiful roads again.

Through the forest.

Over meadow.

Against water.

Ice-cream and “fika” in Nävekvarn harbor.

Arrival at Trosa, popularly called the “end of the world”.

The tables set at Bomans hotel before Saturday evening dinner. We was so many in our company we just managed to squeeze in everyone. A note at the hotels entry told other guests that it was full.

The evening’s delicious food. Tasted better than the camera might manage to convey. Anyway, we had a nice time and the evening was very successful with awards, stories and many laughs.

Sunday morning and time for breakfast.

Finally, a picture taken before the departure to Sunday’s adventure and Sparreholms castle. Of our thirty-two cabriolets, about 10 get place at Bomans hotel parking during the night. Remaining cars were placed little anywhere in Trosa. It’s an art to plan such a event so that it will be cozy for the participants, and at the same time manage to have enough place for all the cars at the start, small stops along the way, lunch, dinner and so on. This year’s organizers had succeeded very well! 🙂

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  1. Wow. Looks fabulous. Wish we could have come over with our cab (from the UK). It would have been extra special for me as Bomans Hotel used to be owned and run by my uncle and aunt (used to be known as Strömsborg then) and Trosa and the whole area is so pretty.

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