A handful museum Saabs for sale

Some interesting cars have shown up on the Swedish auction site “kvarndammen”.

First up is “the millionth Saab”. Manufactured January 22nd 1976. The description mentions “some corrosion”.

“The Millionth Saab”

This limo was used by Saab’s management. A little bit of corrosion… And two seats were never equipped with seat belts, so Swedish authorities deems it unfit for public roads.

Limo Saab 9000

Or how about an all electric Saab, batteries not included? This car is what remains from a project dating back to 2011 when Saab Automobile AB partnered up with Electroengine, Boston Power, Innovatum Teknikpark and Power Circle. Minor damage to the rear bumper but otherwise in perfect condition.

9-3 ZE SportCombi — another one of a kind

Last, but not least, a genuine Saab 92 from 1950! 680km on the odometer. Some damage on the left side. Proper green.

Saab 92

12 thoughts on “A handful museum Saabs for sale”

    • My wife spotted a facebook post by the curator of the Saab museum here in Trollhättan.

      She believed these were part of the museum’s collection. The descriptions on the auction site indicate this as well.

      I have been absent from facebook for a year now, so I cannot verify. I guess I could call Peter and ask.

  1. Oh, I would love any one of them or all of them! I wish this auction was stateside, USA! I’d probably go for the green 1950, which is beautiful, or maybe the millionth Saab because it’s a great model and the millionth of any car—-well, is special. 1976 was also America’s 200th birthday, special to me. The limo would be fun to tool around in too. I love seeing this, but in some ways, it makes me sad, to think Saab is now fit for the history books, but we’re not talking about new models we can buy. It’s depressing.

  2. It is hard to resist making a snotty comment about the electric Saab given all the drama with NEVS. Maybe a true eSaab without a battery should be hoisted above the old Trollhattan factory as a testament to what was and what could have been.

    I agree that it is sad to see the fading of Saab in many guises. You still see a very few 9-3s here and there, almost never a 9-5, but they are all long in the tooth, and resale values are in the toilet, so they are generally one major repair away from the pic-n-pull.

    I just read the new car issue of Automobile, and the competition in the marketplace is unbelievably fierce. Anything based on the ancient 9-3 architecture would have been toast. RIP Saab.

  3. how come they are selling some cars ? do they need to raise funds? when I saw that it was the “one millionth Saab” I initially confused that with the very last one – the one that SU essentially bought. If I recall, the ownership of that one was actually in Tim’s personal name, due to some quirk in the Swedish donation, and tax laws.
    If the museum was ever to fold – I wonder what would happen to that car ? Would it get returned to Tim ?

  4. Agreeing with Angelo V. Sadness. SAAB’s time came and went, a casualty of the greed and incompetence of others. 1950 92 would make a fine memento.

  5. Totally off topic. Rune, who is moderating the site nowdays? I have written a few adds and no one seems to moderate it. Checked with turboklubbben and it seems that Jonathan is no longer involved and no one else has taken over.

    • Funny you should ask. I just received word that Trond-Arve, RedJ and I have been given extended permissions. Hopefully we can clear the backlog.

      Personally I am still stuck in limbo a little while longer. I had way too much to do at work after the summer vacation, and my plans to take another week of vacation were pushed back. That leaves me with quite a backlog (selling the old apartment would probably be a smart thing to do ASAP). Sigh.

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