Saab by Gray Design

Gray Design apparently is looking for Saab to make a come back and completed this design work.

The video and photos show a wonderful interpretation of what the future of Saab might have been, have they remained solvent.  How the wings extend and even the Swedish air force logos on the side are just few examples how to tie the brand together.

Unfortunately, it appears that this is nothing more than a study.  But you can still dream for a few minutes.  Enjoy the video.

5 thoughts on “Saab by Gray Design”

  1. This looks like a widened and modernised AUDI R8, with a loth of spoilers.
    I’m disapointed to see something like this could be a new SAAB!
    Even when it sould be a SAAB Sportscar.

  2. Good looking design… for a generic super car. The hockey stick window design is really the only thing I can even distinguish as a Saab. Saabs, in my opinion, have always adhered to a very European and more specifically Scandinavian design philosophy that less is more. You could look at a Saab from the 70s and see design hints in the 2000s, none of those design ques are really present except for that hockey stick window. Surprisingly enough though that feature doesn’t look out of place, interesting to know a station wagon with windows like that as well as a sports car concept both look decent with that styling.

    Either way I can’t be too harsh, I think honestly even though NEVS plans on trying to be a producer of vehicles even if they’re successful the designs of Saabs we knew and love are long gone, they’ll just be some generic looking car designed by a computer with a few angular accents to appeal to the Chinese market. If you look at cars marketed for China you’ll see a very futuristic almost Matchbox looking design, not very appealing to me (frankly it’s tacky).

  3. I’m sorry. Just another ultra-limited market non-practical production concept that could never sell in any numbers that could make a company solvent.

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