Auto-dimming rearview side mirrors, update

A long time ago, Tim wrote a post about the difficulties of getting new auto-dimming rearview side mirrors. I wrote a short add about the mirrors getting back in stock.

The brownish color was not the biggest issue, it was the failure of the dimming function on all mirrors. In November 2015 I fixed my left mirror it has worked fine ever since.

Before: You can see a brownish tone in the left part of the mirror.
After: The new auto-dimming mirror

The auto dimming area does not cover the entire glass. However, that is nothing which you will notice driving the car. The auto dimming function works fine on all mirrors after I replaced the bad one.

2 thoughts on “Auto-dimming rearview side mirrors, update”

  1. Interesting, I bought a 2004 9-5 a little over a year ago now and it has these auto-dimming mirrors. I always thought the brown had to do with the heating element being left on accidentally.

  2. I replaced my autodimming side mirrors in 2017 because the brownish color didn’t pass the technical inspection. (the mirrorview was too dark).
    It was not easy to find a new set of mirrors! New stock was not available then.
    I replaced my 9-3 my08 side morrirs with the later model (my11) which required me to replace the mirror covers as well.
    The newer version has a far better quality dimming function than the old version ever did!

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