Have you ever had a hard time locking your Saab?

Sometimes I cannot lock my Saab properly with the key remote. If I am in a hurry this may get quite frustrating. After a while, I started to see a pattern. There was always a lorry nearby, a lorry with a remotely operated crane.

In Sweden, we recycle things like glass, paper, plastics and cupboard. The recycling stations are emptied regularly. This happens quite often when I drop my oldest son off at school. My conclusion is that the crane remote is operating on a similar radio frequency as my car key remote. It seems that the weaker car key signal gets drenched by the crane remote. When the lorry is gone, my car lock works perfectly.

Have anyone else had this problem?

A lorry emptying the recycling station outside my son’s school.



4 thoughts on “Have you ever had a hard time locking your Saab?”

    • Yes, I have two OG 9-3s and an OG 9-5, all of them already have a very short range when the battery is good, but after about a year I find that I have to stand at the window and point directly through the driver window with the key almost up to the glass to get it to work. Then again it’s not an intermittent issue like you’re having, so it may be true that there’s interference. The range for the FOB on Saabs has always been really short and unsatisfactory, especially since the 04 and up 9-5s no longer have an actual trunk latch and you HAVE to push the button on the key or open the door to open the trunk.

  1. Yes, I have noticed the same problem in Riga (Latvia) airport short term parking lot and it does not matter if it was SAAB 9000, 9-3 or 9-5. Remote control worked only on almost no range, I had to keep it almost in contact with the car itself.

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