Saab CabrioChallenge 2018 – Halland – from forest and sea via beech woods to the ocean

The 2018 edition Saab CabrioChallenge was driven for the 11th time in a row, and even this year we got a report and great photos from our old friend Mioh! Thanks for sharing this with us! ?

The 2018 edition of Saab CabrioChallenge took place 10th-12th of August. This event has been driven annually since 2008 and even this year it attracted a large number of happy and pleasant Saab-enthusiasts. The meeting started lightly on Friday evening på “Två Skyttlar” with a common dinner for those who were in place the day before the start of the rally.
Saturday morning we all gathered at breakfast, and after that set up for this years group image. (This year the theme was “Organized Chaos”). After the photosession, welcome greeting and distribution of roadbooks the roofless Saabs rolled out on the roads through beautiful Halland. Along the way to the final destination Tylösand trees, churches, radio-station with thunder and seafood-lunch, meadows, ice cream-shops and waterways were passed. After many lovely miles, our final destination Tylösands Tylö Sun was reached. In the evening we all gathered in the hotel’s large hall where dinner was served to us. Here we enjoyed the whole evening of good food and a nice atmosphere in a true “Saabanda”.
Sunday morning started with a hearty breakfast before checkout. Sundays activity consisted of a visit to Svedinos aviation and car museum. We was all very happy and thanked eachother for a nice weekend and the organizers welcomed us all to the Saab CabrioChallenge 2019!

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Many thanks to the organizers and others for a really nice weekend! ?

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  1. It is disgraceful how this site has been run into the ground. The owner should hang their head in shame and pass ownership onto somebody who gives a damn.

    • Speaking of passing ownership there’s a channel I watch on Youtube, it would appear that 51% of NEVS has changed hands AGAIN? And is now owned by some other Chinese company…

      I guess I really don’t care anymore, I’ve heard rumors of electric NEVS 9-3s being seen in Sweden in 2019 being tested, but this company has changed hands so many times I just don’t even see why they’re bothering to electric test cars in Sweden, I believe their only buyer will be China IF… IF they can actually make a product. I mean seriously, who is going to use a 20 year old car platform at this point to make electric vehicles and then offer it to first world countries? I’m not even sure if they would allow the 9-3 to be released in the US because of the stringent crash tests these days.

      It is sad that this site has faded away, but I’ll keep showing up until the site no longer loads, I’m a sucker for hanging around to the bitter end. It’s kind of like being the last man alive, getting to see the events in their entirety to the bitter end, although I suppose some would argue the bitter end has happened long ago at this point.

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