Caroline’s Custom Saab 9-3

In the custom section of the festival, we saw quite a lot of exciting Saabs in different shapes and colors. This red beauty, caught our eyes.

What was that console in the middle of back seat? It resembled the battery pack in the Saab ePower.

We were informed that it wasn’t a battery pack by the car’s owner and creator – Caroline. Caroline has been working on the car for 7 months and it’s still not fully complete. We wondered where she learned all these skills and she told us that she had been studying technology/mechanics but was now employed at Koenigsegg.

That explained the ghost. Koenigsegg is located in Ängelholm in an old airbase. The ghost was the sign for the squadron located at F10, Ängelholm.

The ghost can be spotted on Koenigsegg cars and on the Saab AJS Viggen below.

What a great car!

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Nice to see years of Saab’s assembled together. and especially a young person demonstrating such interest in these cars. I took part in a Swedish car event a few years ago. There was a Volvo area as well as the Saab section. There were noticeably more SAABs than Volvos on hand even though Volvo outsold SAAB in the region by a large margin. So, despite what has happened to SAAB the brand still enjoys unusual enthusiasm as evidenced by this owner. I continue to drive and enjoy a 2007 9-5 which I purchased new.

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