Saab Cars Magazine

To my great surprise I found this fantastic magazine in my supermarket just before Christmas!

Saab Cars Magazine issue #5

I feel ashamed that this fantastic piece of literature has slipped past my attention until quite recently. So, in case someone else is equally ignorant, I would like to promote Saab Cars Magazine to you all. There is both a Swedish and an international version available.

Saab Cars Magazine is a cooperation between the Swedish Car Magazine Klassiker (Classics) and the Saab Car Museum. The Magazine is offered both in print and in digital format. You can buy the Magazine in shops in Sweden or order directly from Saab Cars Magazine or from the Saab Museum Webshop. The editor-in-chief is Claes Johansson and he has managed to create a perfect blend of older and newer Saab stories. There is something for both two-strokers and turbo-lovers.

The frontpage of issue #5 shows an NG 9-5 wagon, right? I must admit that I did see this car on the 2019 Saab Car Museum Festival without understanding what it was or the greatness behind it. There was something about it, but I could not pin it down properly at the time. With so much else to see, I moved on without reading the signs.

This is not an “ordinary” NG 9-5 wagon. It is built from an NG 9-5 sedan with donated parts from an Opel Insignia with oceans of work and love. If you can´t buy one, build one! The bold decision to make a homegrown wagon paid of very well. The hatch looks even better than the original build. To make this car even more special, a set of unreleased features from the coming 2012 model was installed. Read all about it in the Saab Cars Magazine #5!

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  1. I am so glad I read a new article here, was a long time since the last one 🙂
    The Saab Cars Magazine is wonderful and very interesting !

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