Studio Klassiker Podcast, Saab-Special

As mentioned in my last post, Saab Cars Magazine is made by the Swedish Magazine Klassiker (Classics) together with the Saab Car Museum. Klassiker has an excellent podcast with focus on cars from the 20th century. From time to time, they diverge from their normal path and discuss both earlier and later cars. In connection with the Saabs Cars Magazine issue #5, Claes Johansson and Joakim Bergqvist from Klassiker met no other than Peter Bäckström, Curator at the Saab Cars Museum.

For those of you who understand Swedish I would strongly like to recommend to listen to Studio Klassiker Saab-special.

Saab-special i Studio Klassiker!

In this episode you will among other things learn more about the custom-made NG 9-5 wagon and why Porsche 911 is a reversed Saab 900 Aero.

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