Saab CabrioChallenge 2020 – Dalarna

The 2020 edition Saab CabrioChallenge was driven for the 13th time in a row last summer, and even this time we got a report and great photos (actually more photos then ever) from our friend Mioh!
Thanks for sharing this with us! ?

Because Covid19 and the restrictions that existed at the moment related to Covid19 was the total participants limited to 50 persons.
The meeting started lightly on Friday evening at “Villa Gladtjärn” in Smedjebacken with some small talk and food for those who were in place the day before the main event.
Saturday morning we all gathered at breakfast, followed by welcome greeting, distribution of roadbooks, two stickers and a few great advice infront of the coming adventure. Afterwards the roofless Saabs rolled out for the roads of the beautiful Dalarna.
Along the roads for destination “Garpenbergs Slott” we were passing trees, bridges, snack opportunity, churches, waterways, Dala-horses, lunchplace, bridges, meadows, ice cream-shops, waterways, bridges and bridges.

After many lovely miles in a lovely hot, sunny and great summer weather we reached our final destination Garpenbergs Slott. In the evening we all gathered in the hotel’s large hall where dinner was served to us. Here we enjoyed the whole evening of good food and a nice atmosphere in a true Saabanda (the famous Saab Spirit). Sunday morning started with a hearty breakfast before we got a stationary guidance of the castle rooms and history. Then it was time to check out for this time. Satisfied and happy we all thanked eachother for a nice and sunny weekend. Already looking forward to 2021!

This time Mioh also have made a 360 panorma and a video!
You find the pictures under the panorama and video, click on the thumbs for full size and great comments by Mioh! 😀 (Opens in a new window)

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