2 thoughts on “Saab Cars Magazine #6 Swedish Edition”

  1. The great thing about owning a Saab, at this point in time, is that it can be both a collectible enthusiast car AND at the same time, a daily driver. Especially having read the ORIO article, I fear that in a couple short years, these might be weekend cars only—-the daily driver aspect might go away if there isn’t a good source of replacement parts. That would be a terrible shame because for many car enthusiasts, having a daily driver that you also consider a “keeper” for collectible reasons is nirvana.

    • Driving a SAAB today reminds me of the early days of the brand in the US when drivers waved as they passed one another on the road. I notice that is happening again as the number of SAABs has declined. Of course, now the wave isn’t accompanied by a plume of blue smoke. Another interesting thing is that my 2007 9-5 gets more compliments today than when it was new. Unfortunately, although it remains a dependable car, as Angelo points out, it may not be an ideal daily driver too much longer. And Angelo, it is nice to hear that you are still in a SAAB.

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