Duel: SAAB 93b 1959 vs Mercedes SLS 2011

Today I got a tip about a movie where a ’59 93b is duelling against a 2011 Mercedes SLS…. In Norway, where I live, the price differs about 3 millions NOK and the SAAB have a slightly smaller engine, but of course these two cars can make up in a duel! My friend Torbjørn meet this local Mercedes in a petrol-station, and a small duel took place. Torgeir, who filmed this sums it great  up in the description of the movie; “A showdown between two opposites, the flashy 2011 Mercedes Benz SLS and the cheeky 1959 SAAB 93. You be the judge, which wins this duel?

edit: It’s of course a 93b, not a 93f!

SAAB CabrioChallenge 2013


The weekend 17th and 18th august the annual SAAB CabrioChallenge took place in Roslagen, Sweden. It was according to mioh (that were kind enough to send us some nice pictures) a great success with only happy people (as usual).
I can’t agree more myself, when I see this pictures should I wish I had a cab…
The following is a text  Fredrik (Sword) and Anna sent us:
Thanks to all three of you for sharing!

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Some thoughts about EV’s and charging points from Norway

In Norway have EV’s a quite big share of the new cars being sold. When the numbers for october was ready, they said
that so far in 2012 the Norwegians had bought 116 612 new cars, of those 3 404 are EV’s, that’s about 2.92% of all new
cars in Norway in 2012. Compared to the same period last year this is +138%.(!!)
So, why have Norway a higher share EV’s than the rest of Europe?

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