SOC 2013 Followup

Before the Saab Owners Convention even started I had received an email from Christopher Wiseman from Saab Parts North America asking if it would be alright for Saab Parts to do a post on the event to let everyone know all about it. To say that SPNA were excited about being a part of this event and to meet everyone there would be an understatement. Since the event, I have received a number of emails from Christopher with photos from  and today this write up that was done by himself and Jeff Gorenflo.  Enjoy, this is a great read.


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Swedish Car Day 2013


On Sunday 25 August 2013, Charles River Saab and Boston Volvo Village will present the fourteenth annual Swedish Car Day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts (just outside Boston).  One of the largest lawn events hosted at the Larz Anderson, over 200 Volvos and Saabs are expected of every vintage and will be displayed on the beautiful grounds of the museum.


Beyond the cars, which are always the stars at Swedish Car Day, there will be three additional attractions. Dean Shaw, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Volvo North America (and former Brand Strategy Manager at Volvo) will speak on a variety of Volvo topics, and has promised to share some secrets about the new safety systems and the hybrid power train in the next generation XC90. Next, Swedish Car Day welcomes Saab Parts North America President Tim Colbeck. Tim follows a number of other Saab presidents who have made appearances at Swedish Car Day over the years. Finally, an old friend of Swedish Car Day–Seth Wonkka–himself a multiple Saab and Volvo owner and former Village Auto Group employee who has attended many a Swedish Car Day, returns with his band to entertain the assembled.

As always, there will be judging of the displayed cars by attendees, a raffle with many prizes and the parts tents will be in full swing.

The official opening of the event is at 10am with and Swedish Car Day finishes at 2pm. However, the lawn will open to attendees starting at 8am (not before!). Admission is $20 per vehicle. Information regarding fees for walk-on attendance, address and so on is available at the Larz Anderon website. A registration form can be found at which can be printed and completed for presentation upon arrival (there is no online registration) to speed check-in. Updates on Swedish Car Day, plus many photos of prior events, can be found at the SCD Facebook page.

Volunteers willing to help with registration, traffic direction on the lawn and ballot counting are requested. If you’d be willing to help, or have questions about Swedish Car Day, please contact Pierre Belperron at [email protected]

NEVS Has The Money Needed For Production

Yesterday P4 West reported that in the annual report of NEVS first year that as a company they had lost SEK 120 million and they have enough money to produce Saab cars once again.

Mikael Östlund stated that the loss was expected and was all according to the business plan.

In early summer became the Chinese city of Qingdao partner and has paid 649 million dollars for 22 percent of the shares. While it has given promises to Nevs may borrow further over 1.1 billion, according to the annual report.The money is enough to start building Saabs again, writes Nevs.

We have financing that covers the company’s activities in 2013 and that is enough to resume production at the factory in Trollhattan and it derives also from the enhanced funding we received in that Qingdao is now a partner in NEVS, says press officer Mikael Östlund P4 the West.

According NEVS will get more money this year, but the work to include developing cars and start production will also lead to increased costs.

Very interesting times at SAAB/NEVS to say the least. Personally, I would like more information than that production is starting again. It’s great to hear that production workers will be once again making SAABs and SAAB cars will be on a road in the future but for me, I want to know precisely what roads and a layout as to when and what markets will be added.

This is a great thing to be celebrated and I am so happy for the workers that will be called back.

SAAB Of The Week

This weeks Saab Of The Week comes from jasonvt and is of his 2011 9-4X parked in a quiet area of Vermont. The 9-4X is one vehicle that still pains me to see because we never got them in Canada. A lot of Saab dealers were at one time connected with the Saturn brand and saw great success with the Saturn Vue and at our location we had many customers waiting for the arrival of the 9-4X to step up from their Vue’s. Jason, you have one exceptional looking vehicle and I am sure you get glances from drivers wondering just what it might be. Thanks for sharing and keep the pictures coming to [email protected].


Around The World Saab Style

In just over seven months time we have had a tremendous amount of your photos come in and as they come directly to me, I can tell you it is fun to see the emails as they pour in. I have seen so much more of the world through your pictures and enjoy every single picture that comes in.

To say that news has been slow on the Saab front would be a massive understatement. Rather than dwell on that, I have been looking back on over 580 pictures that you have all sent in to us since December for Saab Of The Week and have found some pictures that haven’t been picked but stand out to me.

There is a tab up to the right of the page here where all the photos are stored called SOTW and you can view and comment on photos there as well as our Facebook page.

These are some of the photos that stood out to me and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when they came in. It is truly something special to see these cars from around the globe in their owners home countries and stresses even more so the importance of Saab moving forward as a global brand.


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SAAB Of The Week

This weeks Saab Of The Week comes to us from Petr from Prague who loved Saab so much that it was used as a wedding car. This shot was taken with an iPhone…… hope the bride didn’t see the groom on an iPhone on the wedding day. This is really not too uncommon, Saabs seem to be used in weddings a lot. Moments after receiving this photo from Petrs wedding, I received another from Andrew of an almost identical 9-3 convertible that was used for his friends wedding when their original wedding car didn’t come through. I bet they were more than happy with the replacement. From all of us at SAABSUNITED, congratulations on your wedding Petr and I look forward to seeing more of the photos when you get them. As always, keep the photos coming to [email protected].




The Ride Of His Life

281370_2298771073068_4619941_nIt’s that time of year again. Our friend Jim Coggeshall (Coggs) is once again setting out on an ambitious ride to raise money and awareness for cancer research. I say ambitious because for me, 200 miles sounds like a great drive not a bike ride. This has become and annual event for Jim and he has raised a lot of money over the years with the help of friends and readers like you to help end cancer. I personally don’t know anyone who has not in some way been affected by cancer. I have lost a grandparent myself and all of us here have lost friends, even very recently. Please read what Coggs has written and donate if you can. Lets show him that we are behind him and support his cause.

As I write, his goal is to raise $5000 this year and he has just hit $4630. I admire your dedication Jim and thank you for what you do. You do this and go through the journey with strength and wit that we all can learn from. I know you left it out of your write up here but your words of “I gave my left nut, had skin peeled from my face, a spear gun shoved up my butt, and twice rode a bicycle 200 miles to fight cancer. What can you do?” not only make me smile at your sense of humor but also force me to want to do more. You inspire my friend and I wish you nothing but the best in this trial before you.

Some of you may know me from my participation at various Saab events around the Northeastern US.  I’m the current owner of 5 Saabs (Sonett III, C900 & Viggen Verts, and a couple of 9-5 Combi’s) and a regular at Swedish Car Day, Carlisle, etc.  I have hosted numerous Saab events in New England over the past 4 or 5 years.  I am certified Saabinista!  However most likely you know me from reading my story here on SU as I made an annual shameless, but very worthy plea for support in an event that has become the highlight of my year.

Well, it’s that time of year again – and it’s sadly taken on extra importance this time.


Over the last couple of years the readers of SU have risen to the call to help those fighting cancer by donating to an event I participate in every year. The event is a 200 mile charity bicycle ride across the state of Massachusetts called the Pan Mass Challenge to be held in a few weeks.  This event raises money for cancer research being done at the world renowned Dana Farber Cancer Institute – a facility in Boston I know all too well.  For the past two years I have participated in the event as a cancer survivor.  Unfortunately  I will be participating as patient again this year.  No secret that being diagnosed with cancer totally sucks.  This is the fourth time I’ve been give the bad news but that didn’t make it any easier.  But rather than feeling sorry for myself it just made me all the more determined to try and make a difference for those who are, or will be in the same situation I find myself in.

During the past two years SU readers have kicked in almost $3,000 of the $22,000 I have personally been able to contribute to the Dana Farber.  It is expected that the over 5,500 riders and their sponsors will be able to contribute over $37 million to the effort this year.  Not bad for some folks out for a weekend bike ride.  Please know that every single cent that donated to a rider goes directly to the Dana Farber.  All the event operating costs are underwritten by corporate sponsors.  A number of my close Saab friends are already aboard and I thank them for that.  Particular thanks go out to original SU site owner Swade who has been a great supporter both personally and as a spokesperson.  Also to Tim & Till for helping out last year.  I’m hoping a few more of you can become part of my team as I ride the 200 miles.  No donation is too small, or too large!  Last year I got a number of very Saab appropriate $9 donations.  But we are not going to cure my cancer or anybody else without research, and research takes money, lots of money.  As a three time survivor I’m a testament that we are making progress, but also that the work is far from finish (I have a new diagnosis, not a relapse)

That’s why we ride!

Here is a link to more about my story and a chance to donate:

Jim Coggeshall


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