Comparing Cargo Area of the 9-3x vs 9-4x

Little follow up to this post, Aj sent me an email yesterday with some photo’s of the two 9-4x that have just arrived in Ice Pearl and Atlantic Blue. These vehicles were part of the test fleet driven by Saab execs in Detroit during the test period and the colors were not made available once production started.

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Finding Some Truth

As many have read the article in the Automotive News titled “Steady Drip Of Bad News Wears On Saab Dealers” , what some may not know is how much was left out of this article. Below is a copy of an email we received from Aj Murphy, General Manager of Just Saab, a very loyal Saab dealer and friend.

Gentlemen: As you are well aware there was a very grim tone to the article.  I was quoted as saying “Saab needs to get production restarted and stop the bloodbath on perception”, which I stand behind and believe needs to happen sooner rather than later.  Further, in the context of what I said was that perception and image improves once production restarts; One follows the other.  I believe the media is creating Saab’s image more than Saab is.  Which is sadly, just the way it is right now.   Unfortunately what wasn’t written was the comments about the faith I had in the long-term outlook of Saab once we get through this short-term crunch.   And I stand behind that statement 100 percent.   Unfortunately all that matters is what was put on paper to paint the picture of what they wanted to write.  Saab dealers losing faith in the brand.  Well, I’m not that dealer! Please put me on record as a dealer who has all the faith in the Saab team in what they are doing and they can count on Just Saab Cincinnati and Dayton 100 percent to stand behind the brand all the way.  I know Victor Muller and I have great respect for him as well as Tim Colbeck and his team.  They are the right people for this job.   Just Saab is not a dealer that will give up on the brand.  We believe in Saab’s future and are very excited to be part of it. No dealer stands behind Saab more than the Just Saab family and you can ask anyone who knows us.

I personally have known Aj for the past year and being a Sales Manager at a Canadian Saab dealer who has to rely heavily on SU and my US counterparts for news and information, can honestly say that he has proven to be a man of his word. Aj sums it up quite well when saying that the media paint the picture of what they want to write and we should take note when reading headlines, especially right now and know too, that there are plenty of other Saab dealers out there that feel the same way as Aj and Just Saab.

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