Cruise Season is Here

Saabs take over Beacon Hill Lighthouse

One of the ways Swade earned his place as the guru of Saab blogging was his ability to unite our community during the sale through exhaustive reporting of support convoys. In that same spirit, we want to continue his legacy and encourage you to send in your stories about your own gatherings from around the world. It’s one thing to enjoy a Saab by yourself, it’s another to realize you’re part of an exclusive group of ridiculously good looking people who drive them (alright, that may be taking it a little far, but I stand by the exclusive part). You may occasionally get a nod or wave from a Saab driver passing by, but sharing your bond as part of a group drive is an experience every one of us should try at least once.

Always a hotbed for Saab activity, the first convoy of spring comes from New England courtesy of Luke L. who has officially kicked off the Saab Road Cruise Season. Click through the break to read his account and see some great photos of the event that wound through coastal Rhode Island, the smallest state in the US.

Saabs take over Beacon Hill Lighthouse

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