This Saturday sees the launch of the NG Griffin 9-5 Wagon/Estate……..(1:43rd scale model)

This Saturday, the 28th of March, will see the launch of the Griffin NG 9-5 Estate.

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After the fantastic success of the NG 9-5 Aero Saloon/ Sedan, Andrei started on the Wagon/ Estate and this was developed mainly from scratch with improvements being made along the way.

This 1:43rd scale model is almost all new, the only items used from the saloon were the front seats, dash and steering wheel, every thing else was newly developed with the most improvements being the chassis, head lights and wheels.

The preparation for this model took about a year and now Andrei can say he has produced more NG 9-5 estates than Saab did!

The first model will be an Aero but will be followed very soon by Hirsch and Vector versions as well as the USA Aero with the different rear hatch step.

Later this year the kit will be followed by ready made models, where you will be able to choose colours and wheels etc.

Please click through to his site for ordering information and you too can own a NG9-5 Estate.

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As stated by Robin in this weeks SOTW, I will be taking over this feature from next week. Please send me pictures of your beloved Saab cars along with any story, history etc to accompany it and I will make sure it is featured here as a SOTW.

I look forward to featuring your cars,



Sad News

Some of you may recall a couple of posts I put up in August last year regarding a track day being held at Castle Combe race circuit here in the UK. (links here and here)


The Saab gathering was organised by GWS Saab group and was dedicated as a special day for one of it’s dear members and good friend Mark Ovens aka ‘Parish’ who had been diagnosed terminally ill. It was thought at the time that Mark may not get to see Christmas and that the event may well be the last he would attend, as a result of this the turnout on the day was fantastic with over 50 SAAB’S making it to Castle Combe!

Thankfully he did get to see Christmas but unfortunately passed away last week.

The day at Castle Combe was amazing, a day which Mark thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. The organisers even managed to halt the days’ racing to allow all our SAABS to have three parade laps of the circuit with Mark riding upfront.

Mark and his wife Karen have been regular attendants to many Saab events both here and abroad over the years. He was a big Saab fan just like all of us and will be sadly missed.

On behalf of SAABSUNITED I would like to pass on mine and our deepest condolences to Karen and the family.

His funeral is being held on Semington Crematorium, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 6HL
on Thursday 26th March
at 11.30am.

Anybody wishing to attend are asked to do so in their Saab if possible please and are also requested to wear a powder blue tie.





McLaren supercar comes off the worst in crash with SAAB Convertible


A McLaren supercar worth £250,000 was left almost entirely destroyed after it crumpled following a crash in one of London’s most exclusive districts, scattering its expensive parts across the road.
The McLaren 650S Spider, which can reach speeds of more than 124mph in less than nine seconds, was badly damaged after a head on crash with a more modestly priced Saab Convertible in Eaton Square in central London.
It is understood that the supercar, which was brand new and registered in Monaco, was turning right at traffic lights when the two vehicles collided on Saturday evening.
The supercar then spun around as a result of the impact, the wreckage showing a bonnet almost completely folded and the front of the car left crumpled and smashed.
Parts of the McLaren’s expensive bodywork were left scattered across the road after the crash, which took place at around 8pm on Saturday evening.
Although the front of the SAAB was badly damaged it appeared to suffer considerably less damage than the McLaren.


McClaren 7 McClaren 2 McClaren 3 McClaren 4 McClaren 5 McClaren 6 McClaren 8 McClaren 9

A Rare Opportunity!!

A good friend of mine sadly has to sell his low mileage 900 Ruby Edition. It had previously been listed and sold on Ebay but the buyer then declined the purchase due to not having the money to buy it!!  It is now relisted but with only 20 hours left to go!

(00 Ruby

I am mentioning it here because it is a fantastic opportunity to own what is fast becoming a sought after model and hope it can be purchased by somebody within our community or a Saab fan who will cherish it as it so deserves.

I originally sold this car brand new from the dealership I worked at to a chemist who sadly died. His wife then kept the car in the garage for many years until she then sold it to my friend who coincidentally was also a salesman at the same dealership.

The time has now come for it to find it’s third loving home. The car can be found on eBay (see details below) but only has 20 hours to run (at time of writing). Apologies for the short notice but I have only just found out about it being relisted.

Only available in the UK, the Ruby had the 185 bhp (138 kW; 188 PS) ‘Carlsson’ engine but no body kit. All were in ‘Ruby’ Red and can be distinguished from other 900s by the colour-coded bumpers and grey (rather than silver) alloy wheels. They also had the unique air-conditioned interior of buffalo leather with Zegna pure wool inserts in the seats and door panels. There were 150 examples and were the last classic style 900s sold in the UK.

This example for sale is a genuine 2 owner car with only 69,000 miles on the clock from new and has a full Saab main dealer service history.
It is in fantastic condition as you would expect and has 4 new tyres, also new brakes and discs all round.
It also drives perfectly to match its condition.
This has to be the best example of a classic Saab 900 Ruby available in the UK at this moment, this is indeed a great investment opportunity for somebody to own a piece of motoring history.

If any of you purchase it please let me know. Incidentally it is listed on eBay as a T16s which of course is incorrect.

View it here:


Follow Up: A very special day at Castle Coombe.

Some of you may recall a post I put up a few weeks ago entitled “Lets all try to make this a very special day for one true SAAB enthusiast.”

Well the day of the event came with six of our Dragon Saab members driving in convoy from Wales to the venue at Castle Coombe. We arrived early morning with great anticipation about how many Saab’s would turn up on the day. The morning saw a steady flow of cars arriving from all over the UK until it’s climax where we had a fantastic display comprising of 51 SAABS!!!

During the morning the sole person this gathering was organised for, Mark, arrived and was totally overwhelmed by the incredible turnout. The weather during the week leading up to the event had been truly awful with continuous rain, even through the night prior to the big day. But even that worked out well for us with sunshine and a few clouds but other than that a completely dry day.

Despite this  being a previously arranged track day at Castle Coombe organised by the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club, when the organisers heard of our story and what we were trying to do they accommodated us extremely well by not just giving us a fantastic display area for all our cars but even finding time to halt the days’ track events and allowing us to have a SAAB parade around the track for our dear friend Mark Ovens aka Parish for whom the whole day was dedicated. Mark rode up front with David Dallimore in his concours 99 Turbo 2 door. Expecting to maybe being allowed two laps of the circuit we were given time to have FIVE full laps! At one point with each car being spaced out we had the spectacle of the entire track from start line to finish being occupied by the amazing sight of nothing but SAABS!!!!!

During my many years working at SAAB dealerships I had acquired two bottles of champagne specially bottled for SAAB to commemorate both the launch of the second generation 900 and also a Lauren Perrier bottle marking 50 years of SAAB in the UK. These had been hidden away at home since the nineties while I often wondered what to do with them. This day seemed to be the perfect opportunity to make good use of them. I gave one to Mark and his wife to take home and decided to try a raffle for the Lauren Perrier. I thought if we could raise somewhere nearing £50 I would be delighted with all proceeds going to the Forever Friends Appeal. We decided to not put a price on the ticket but instead for people to buy one for whatever they felt they could manage. From the sale of the very first ticket we knew the success of this raffle was going to far exceed £50. The generosity of our gathered friends raised a staggering £241!!! All of which went to Mark and Karen to donate to the Forever Friends Appeal, the hospice who are providing cancer care for Mark.

Parish at Castle Coombe

The winner of the raffle, our great friend and well known Dr Oz Reid has since decided to once again raffle that bottle of champagne at the forthcoming Neo Bros open day, again, with all proceeds going to the same appeal. I think that gesture alone sums up what a wonderful spirit of camaraderie still exists within our family.

To summarise, the entire day went perfectly, one could sense the feeling of warmth and sensitivity surrounding it. I can tell you that Mark and Karen were staggered by the turnout and Karen told me that thankfully Mark just happened to have one of his better days and so was able to see the entire day out to the end.

On behalf of Mark & Karen, I would like to say a huge thank you to the organisers at Castle Coombe and all who turned up on the day with their many beautiful SAABS. A great and very memorable day was had by all. Our continued best wishes go out to Mark, Karen and their family.

Please check out the links below for some great pictures and videos.[email protected]/sets/72157646640502519/
Click here to view Castle Combe 2014 Edits_

Lets all try to make this a very special day for one true SAAB enthusiast…….

It is with great sadness that we here in the UK have heard that one of our dearest and most ardent SAAB enthusiasts has fallen terminally ill. Many of you will know of Mark, better known by most as Parish, from meeting him at numerous events both here in the UK and abroad. The prognosis of his illness shows that Mark may only be with us for a few more months at best.


It is for that reason I write this article, with the permission of Marks’ wife, to call for as much support as possible from our community at what will almost certainly be the last SAAB event Mark will attend. I hear Mark is very much looking forward to this day where hopefully he will get to see many old faces and friends.

The event which is here in the UK promises to be a fantastic but somewhat poignant day taking into account the circumstances. Sadly Mark has had to sell his beloved Saab which in itself was a very emotional experience for him.

It is our intention to make this event a very special one for both Mark and his family and ask that all SAAB owners who can attend to please come along to this FREE event. The date is the 30th August at Castle Coombe race circuit ( Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 7EY) ,where, as part of the event, there will also be a special parade lap of the circuit for all SAAB cars that wish to partake. I am certain that Mark will be up there right at the front riding with somebody!! So please, if you can make it, bring your SAAB or any other make of car and join us for this very special day and show how our community is still as strong as ever!

I thank you in advance for your support.

Please add your name at the link below or email me at [email protected]

Event details

Please add your name here:

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