Dragon Saab ‘Spring Roll’ Rally

  • Well, the much anticipated Dragon Saab event of 2014 titled ‘Spring Roll’ took place on Sunday amongst concerns over the impending weather. The clouds were low, the skies ominously dark but thankfully the rain held off, for the first part of our day at least! Things got under way from 9AM to 10AM where some 21 Saab’s gathered in preparation for the start of our convoy. It was fantastic to see each of the cars arrive and take a place in the line up with many onlookers taking time out to admire the spectacle. Considering this is a relatively new club/SOC group, we were overwhelmed by the terrific support for the event with some SAABISTAS travelling from as far afield as Plymouth, Birmingham and the West Country.


P1010184Following chats and early morning coffee the convoy got under way and began it’s 5 mile run to the Cardiff Bay Barrage where we had been granted special permission to access and cross the barrage which is not normally open to traffic. This really was a spectacle to behold as each car in turn checked in by barrage control and allowed to proceed to an area of the roadway where we all lined up for some great photo opportunities.

It was then on to our reserved parking area where we were allowed to stay for a couple of hours to either take a stroll and take in the exceptional scenery, visit one of the many attractions including the Dr Who Experience or just take a coffee and chat.

It was soon time to re group in preparation to leave the barrage and take in a quick tour of the marina before heading to the picturesque Penarth esplanade and pier. This was the beginning of our convoy tour of the Welsh Heritage Coast which was to cover 70 miles, passing through some beautiful coastline and countryside and onward to our first stop at stunning Ogmore-By-Sea. By now the threatening rain had materialised but in some ways only added to the dramatic feel of the location.

By now it was getting a little cold so following yet more photographing we moved off to head for our final stop which was a late lunch at the Wenvoe Arms, which incidentally is now run by one of my ex Saab dealership customers. He was delighted to host our lunch and was so pleased to see so many Saab cars in his car park. We also surprised Anne Dallimore with a card and flowers as she was celebrating her birthday with us, what better way to celebrate a birthday than a lovely Saab rally!

This was a great day spent with a lot of old friends and quite a few new ones. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cardiff Bay Harbour Authority in particular Chris Seddon, Simon Allen, Mark Cranmore and Andrea Davies who expressed the greatest enthusiasm in allowing us to visit the barrage and who have already granted us permission to use it again next year if we wish. We even had a mention in our local newspaper, see photos.

Here are a few links to member photos and videos of our day, and again a particular thank you here to Kyle, Chris and Alex whose photographic prowess is superb! (due to an internal issue you may have to copy and paste these links into your browser)




Barrage Start

Barrage End

Dragon Saab ‘Spring Roll’

This Sunday 6th April sees the first event of 2014 for Dragon Saab, the recently formed Saab Owners Club Group for South Wales here in the UK. Due to the very good reception the group has received since it’s formation plus the support of GWS and South West Saab’s we are now up to 25 cars for this event!!

The ‘Spring Roll’ rally will kick off with an early morning gathering at a local service area then travel in convoy to the Cardiff Bay Barrage where we have gained special permission from the harbour authority and barrage manager to be able to take our cars across the barrage which is closed to traffic but has a roadway for service vehicles. They have even set aside a special parking area for us so we can park up for a couple of hours to take in the spectacular Cardiff Bay and surrounding scenery. This should prove to be a wonderful photographic opportunity.

Cardiff Bay

Once we leave the barrage we will then proceed along the Welsh Heritage coastline taking in a number of beauty spots along the way with a stop at the beautiful Ogmore beach. From there we will head back towards Cardiff via a different route with a stop at Duffryn House and finally a late lunch to round off what promises to be a spectacular event, not just for those attending but also for anybody seeing our 25 strong convoy of beautiful Saab’s covering a distance of some 75 miles.

I will compile a detailed report of our event next week along with some great photographs, in the meantime if you would like to visit our website www.dragonsaab.co.uk and look under forthcoming events you will find a lot more information. Finally, if anybody reading this wishes to join the convoy then please email me at [email protected]

Classic cars reinvented: Car icons back from the dead.

Isn’t it wonderful how some motoring marques are just never forgotten?

Indeed, they leave a lasting impression which shows how far advanced they were for there age and how forward thinking those manufacturers were. I have just spotted this article from MSN who decided to compile a list of retro cars but with a 2014 twist to them.

Upon opening the article I wondered if our beloved brand would in some way be recognised……… I will let you discover for yourselves if SAAB was remembered from the hundreds of marques they could have chosen. Please note the editorial below each picture.

Click on this link then click: Car icons back from the dead. http://cars.uk.msn.com/features/classic-cars-reinvented-msn-redraws-the-retro-icons-for-2014-1?ocid=msnuknewsletter



Great Western Saabs January Stroll

Last weekend saw the recently formed Dragon Saab SOC Group team up with the annual Great Western Saab’s January stroll in Bristol UK.

P1030683 Having attended this event in the past as an individual It was fantastic to now be attending with our new Welsh group, Dragon Saab. Sadly I was unable to take the 900 this year and so the ever trusty 9000 Aero came to the rescue!

The day began with me collecting my good friend Chris Redmond then making our way to a local service area where  we met up with the rest of those from Dragon Saab to make the Welsh convoy of 5 cars. Once all gathered we headed to Bristol where we met up with Great Western Saabs group and where the two convoys then became one comprising of some 16 cars!

From there we took a scenic drive through Bristol,s Avon Gorge arriving in Queens Square for the monthly Avenue car meet. This event really is a fantastic gathering of various motoring marques where you will see everything from the weird to the wonderful all set in a beautiful Georgian park area in the heart of Bristol, surrounded by trees and cobbled streets.

The unscheduled arrival of so many Saabs’ certainly made an impact! The square is dotted with lovely little cafe’s where you can stop for a welcome coffee or snack. We then headed in SAAB convoy through the city and over the historic suspension bridge to a lovely pub for our pre arranged lunch before all going our separate ways. This was an all round good day, very informal, relaxed and above all else extremely welcoming. If any other owners or enthusiasts wish to join us on future events then please do not hesitate to contact me here or on [email protected]

Some fantastic pictures can be seen at these sites.     http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157639950145564/

http://www.flickr.com/photos/theavenuedriversclub/      https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fiz9r63adqkrl5d/yV8QDpw7of?n=66146648


Saab Dealer Video’s

One of my good friends, Chris Redmond  has sent me an email showing three interesting dealer videos which some may not have seen.

Here are the links which I hope provide some enjoyable viewing.




A Rare Opportunity

I have just spotted this car for sale on Car and Classic website. I think this has to be a perfect opportunity for one of our devoted family to acquire this model with such a fantastic pedigree.

I have posted this as I feel it is a car that really should remain in the hands of the Saab community. Lets just hope it goes to an appreciative owner. For those of you outside the UK who may be wondering what the XS is it was u UK specific trim level.


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