Red J: formerly known as “Me”

Hi everyone,

This Christmas I’ve been gifted with a present which is greater than anything I could imagine. No, it is not a Saab, but it is, at least, as great as that for me.

Swade asked me if I wanted to be part of Saabsunited as an article writer. At the beginning, I did hesitate a little bit, as I don’t know If I will be able to keep with the quality set by Swade for his site.

But after thinking about it over the Christmas Days, I’ve decided to accept. First because it is a honour to me, and second because I think Swade could need some help.

What can you expect from me? Many of you have seen that I love numbers and putting those in a different perspective. I will keep with that, but now Swade will not need to re-write the data I send him by e-mail. And yes, I will update the 9-4x comparison chart.

And if you still don’t know who I am, I am the one known in the comments section of this site as “Me”. Swade has recommended that I change my Nickname, as my older one can create some confusion.

To my new Nick; red is my car, as many of you already know, and J, that’s me.

Happy new year to everyone.

BTW, Bil Sweden will present the 2010 Swedish sales data in Stockholm on Monday 3rd of January at 9 a.m. (Swedish Time). I won’t be there but I will put my own perspective on the numbers here at SU.

Swade here:

It fantastic to have Red J on board (though it’s now a little confusing to call him Red J instead of “Me” 🙂 ). He’s a been a source of great support and a level head in comments here, as well as some fantastic numerical analysis that I’ve featured on the front page. More than that, however, he has a voice that speaks with some experience when it comes to the car business.

Red J is based in Europe, so it’s also great to have someone who’s in the same timezone as Saab themselves for that occasional story that breaks while I’m catching some Z’s.

Welcome aboard, my friend. It’s great to have you here!

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