SCNA Chapter 11 Notices Arriving In The Mail

Saab owners nationwide have started receiving notices of the chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for Saab Cars North America.  As stated in the notice, the meeting with the creditors is fast approaching: April 4, 2012 at 9:30 AM (ET) at 844 King Street, Room 2112, Wilmington, DE 19801.

As this creditor meeting occurs well before the receivers will be announcing their verdict on the current bid for Saab Automobile AB, it remains to be seen whether the creditors will reconvene at a date following bid finalization.  It has been widely believed that this filing for bankruptcy protection was actually intended as a measure to “buy them some more time” as the bidding process continues.  Seeing assets from SCNA being auctioned off, as we have earlier was a gut-wrenching sight but let’s be hopeful that this will allow the dealer network in the US to be held in-place long enough so that us here in North America will be apart of the Saab restart that we are all waiting for.

Read the Letter here:  Saab North America – Chapter 11 Notice

We spoke … they listened

As of today (or yesterday: depending on your time zone), it has been a month since Saab Automobile has filed for bankruptcy.  The weeks that immediately followed that dreaded day, were absolutely painful.  What originally started as a haphazard cocktail of anger and sadness quickly turned to hopelessness and confusion.  We have just witnessed that ominous moment where Victor Muller stood before the world, announcing the bankruptcy filing, and later found ourselves enveloped in complete silence.  Indeed we may be many, but we are also among others that simply do not understand our obsession.  Yes, they may have took pity in our sorrow.  But, they also expected that we would return to our feet, dust ourselves off and move on to more fashionable pursuits.  Well that’s not what happened.  Not in the slightest.  The reality is, deep down within each of us: something snapped.

What we witnessed during those weeks would be one of the largest grass-roots movements of the automotive industry.  It all started with and grew into a worldwide phenomenon of 100 events held in 39 countries.  How could it be that from the darkest days of Saab’s history, that the Saab community could valiantly emerge with such awesome power, united as a single voice?  You, me and everyone else here, know the answer to this question. It is the one thing that we can all agree on.  And suddenly: we no longer find ourselves trapped in confusion.  In fact, we are very sure of ourselves and our purpose.  But, do you see what we have done?  We have completely turned the tables.  I can imagine all the leading analysts of the automotive industry doing a double take after witnessing this uprising.  Suddenly, they are the ones that are confused.  In fact, make that: baffled beyond belief.

But, that’s not all.  Notice all the recent activity that we are now hearing about Youngman and Brightwell Holdings?  It is times like these that we are reminded that all of us can and do make a difference.  One does not have to have a degree in marketing to realize that such a large and active fan-base behind Saab points to a vast untapped potential.  Indeed, this has been a roller coaster of an experience, and even though we bore witness to the proverbial roller-coaster flying off its tracks, we could very well be pioneers.  That would be pioneers, leading the way towards a new future for Saab.

We are many, we have spoken and they have listened … for tomorrow: there will be Saab!

We are SAAB: San Francisco Bay Area

It’s here folks: some pictures from the “We are SAAB” event in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Please forgive my delay in sharing these with you, as I was out with a nasty cold the last several days.  On Saturday, January 14th, 2012, it was actually an unseasonably warm day (especially by Swedish standards).   The We are many, We are SAAB event of San Francisco started off with a strong start as we all gathered at the Swedish Auto Factory in Santa Clara.  There was definitely much to see here, with some beautiful vintage Saabs on display.  The variety of cars that folks have brought to the party was impressive: We saw Sonnets, Saab 93s, 900s, 9-3s (sedans as well as convertibles), 9-5s, Viggens, a Turbo X SC (which I had a privilege to drive) and a brand-new 9-4X. After spending some time putting signs on our cars and having a bit of a late start, we hit the road.  Don Young, of the Bay Area Saab Club was at the head of the pack, in the lead car (adorned with “Follow Me” signs).  I was at the end of the pack in the tail car (adorned with “Lead Me” signs).  Roger Wapner, the President of the Bay Area Saab Club, rode shotgun with me armed with a “walkie-talkie” radio so he can communicate with Don.  Despite a few hiccups regarding the route and keeping folks together, I would say that the convoy went quite well.  Between the Swedish Auto Factory in Santa Clara and our final stop at Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab, we had a few stopping points a long the way:  one in Fremont and another in San Ramon.  Both of which gave us a chance to stop , stretch our legs and regroup the convoy.  At 11:30 AM (only 15 minutes behind schedule) we all arrive to Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab.  Everyone parked their cars in a circle within the back parking lot, many opening their hoods.  At this point we had over 20 folks present, with the scene looking not much unlike the October Fest of last year.  As promised, I showed off MapTun to some folks who have been considering making the upgrade.  I actually shot some video of my demo as well as some test-drives of my car, but you will have to wait for my post on MapTun before those will be unveiled!  Yes, folks were upset and saddened to see the current situation that Saab is in, but I would say that this event was both cheerful an exciting.  It was without a doubt a testament of how strong the Saab community is, and that no matter what happens, we will still be here, fighting for the cars that we know and love because we are many, and we are SAAB.   [More Photos after the break]

Read moreWe are SAAB: San Francisco Bay Area

We are SAAB San Francisco Bay Area

The festivities begin at the Swedish Auto Factory in Santa Clara (1170 Martin Ave) and conclude at Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab (2031 N. Broadway).  The entire convoy route is listed here: Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab Note that there are two stopping points in between, a Park & Ride in Fremont and a Park & Ride in San Ramon.  This is generally to allow folks a chance to take a short break and regroup (should some folks trail behind the pack).   I haven’t personally seen the Swedish Auto Factory in Santa Clara but hear that it is a neat place with much to see.  And of course Dirito Brothers has plenty of brand new 9-5s, 9-3s and 9-4x’s.  We won’t be having an official lunch but folks are welcome to bring whatever food they like (including those that can be thrown on a grill as a BBQ will be present).  As mentioned in an earlier post I will be demoing MapTun.  But most importantly, this will be a day that all of us in the San Francisco Bay Area will meet and share our stories and passion for the cars that we know and love.


MapTun Demo at SF Bay Area Event

Just a few days ago I received a MapTuner from State of Nine and performed a stage 1 performance upgrade.  Once the dust settles after all of the We are many, We are Saab events take place I will go into all the juicy details of the MapTun upgrade, and my experiences with it.

2007 9-3 SS Arc 2.0T MapTun Stage 1
2007 9-3 SS Arc 2.0T MapTun Stage 1

I do not want to give away just yet, as a full-length feature would be required to do it justice.  But for now, let me just say: if you have been thinking about ordering MapTun from State of Nine: just do it.  I just can’t think of a single upgrade that  would give you more bang for you buck than MapTun.  But do not take my use of the word “Bang” too literally, as it delivers the extra horsepower with a level of refinement I didn’t think was even possible.  For those of you who plan on attending the Rallye ‘Round the Bay (which is the San Francisco Bay Area edition of the We are many, we are Saab movement), I will be demonstrating MapTun to folks who are interested.  I will also have the MapTuner with me so that you can see first hand how it works.  Who knows you might learn some new features of MapTun that you never knew existed.

San Francisco Bay Area Convoy

As apart of the worldwide “We are many, We are Saab” events, there will also be a convoy in the San Francisco Bay Area between Santa Clara and Walnut Creek on January 14th starting at 9:00 AM, at the Swedish Auto Factory in San Jose.  Details on the Route can be found here:

Locally the event is being referred to as the “Rallye ‘Round the Bay”.  After meeting at the Swedish Auto Factory, mingling about, we will prepare for the convoy, affixing stickers and signs to our cars.  The ride will continue on with a few stops a long the way (one in Fremont and another in San Ramon) and will continue until we reach Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab.  Anyone who wishes to join in the rallye at any of the stopping points, please feel free to do so.  Or for those that wish to meet at the final gathering in Walnut Creek: feel free to meet us there!

Design Study: The view from behind

Last week, we embarked on an in-depth look at a key visual element of Saab: The Saab Grill.  Now it is time for us to go for a short jog and get ourselves a good look at the view from behind.  Most of us like to think that this is a view that other drivers (excepting other lucky Saab owners of course) will be intimately acquainted with.  And just as we all want to sneak up on them with class, we want to zoom past them with style.  My limited artistic abilities and non-existent photo-shopping skills prevents me from providing a general diagram of the Saab back-side, as I did with the Saab grill.  But, it turns out that there is enough “going on”, visually speaking, that I believe the best way to proceed with our study, is to look at examples and point the various interesting facets of the design.  So without further ado, we have our first example: The Saab 900 SE

Read moreDesign Study: The view from behind

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