A Saab Short Film and a Long Story

Sabotage, french sounding for “Saab otage” or Saab hostage is a short film that has been travelling to festivals for almost two years now. The idea for this film came to me while I was swapping pieces from a scrap 900 I bought to the one I was driving. Looking at the two cars, I realized they where so similar that I began reflecting on the duality of the material world. Little I knew that the duality would catch me for real sometime later.

As of living in Montréal, it is a common practice to store away your convertible for winter, as I did after shooting my film. The main reason is to keep rust away. Only this time, I would never had the chance to take the beauty out again. In the spring of 2014, my Saab got vandalized by strangers, ruining all the work I had done in the fall just before shooting my film. The car was a wreck and had to go for pieces. In essence, it was a Sabotage. Since this date, I haven’t owned another Saab and don’t know if I will ever have the chance to, but at least, I will always have these images of my 900 to look at. Just a glance at this car gives me the shivers, as if feeling the sensation of driving one.

Today, my little film Sabotage becomes public, where it really belongs because sharing what we love helps to relieve our pain. I wish you all the best and for those of you who still drive 900’s I say thank you because seeing one makes me grin like no other car. Meanwhile, I have the thinking on the idea of making a Saab documentary.



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