Press Release: Pang Da Advances EUR 15 Million Order For Saab Vehicles By 17 Days

Trollhättan, Sweden – Spyker Cars N.V. (Spyker) and Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) today announced that Pang Da Automobile (Pang Da) has placed an additional order for 630 Saab vehicles. The order is valued at EUR 15 million and follows the successful visit to Saab Automobile’s facilities in Trollhättan last week by a number of senior Pang Da representatives, headed by Chairman and CEO Mr. Pang Qinghua.

The order comes on top of the 1,300 cars that Pang Da ordered for EUR 30 million and both orders are part of the broader tentative agreement between Spyker and Pang Da which was signed on May 16. As with the EUR 30 million order, Pang Da will pay the additional order up front and Saab Automobile expects to receive the funds this week. Delivery of the vehicles will start in the fall of this year.

Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker and Saab Automobile, said: “I am delighted that Pang Da, as previously planned, has ordered an additional 630 Saab vehicles. This not only shows the potential for the Saab brand in the Chinese market, but also that in Pang Da, we have found the right partner. I look forward to the next step in our business relationship when we set up joint ventures for distribution and, at a later stage, production in China together with a still-to-be-named manufacturing partner.”

Mr. Pang Qinghua, CEO and Chairman of Pang Da, added: “Our visit to Trollhättan last week has further strengthened our belief that we made the right decision in entering a partnership with Spyker and Saab Automobile. This additional order is the result of my firm conviction that Saab has the right product program for the Chinese market and our large distribution network will be an important asset in unlocking the potential of the brand.”

Sounds good 🙂

New kid on the blog…

Well, actually not that new. You know me as till72, the guy with the decal covered 9-3x. Besides lots of comments I had a few pieces I wrote published here on the front page over the last two years. SU has made me even more Saab fanatic than I was before so I was quite happy that Tim asked me to become a part of the SU team.

A main part of my work here will be about the Hirsch Performance stuff and maybe a bit of editorial – we’ll see.

A bit more about me: born in ’72, I grew up in the northern part of Germany until we moved to Munich in 1986. I am married to Kerstin and we have two girls (2 and 4 years). As a day time job I run my own pre-press business.

My own Saab history started in 2000 with a 1989 9000 CD and I haven’t had another brand since then with the only exception being an Impreza for my wife a few years ago. Right now our car park features my 9-3x and my wife’s 9-5 SC, which will be replaced with a 9-4x asap.

Dream car: Troll convertible (besides many other Saabs)

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