SUHRT: Petroleum and straight pipes

SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team: Here we go again!

Tomorrow, Wednesday 13´th of July to the 17´th of July the Midnightsun Rally will take place in Västerås, Sweden.

In light of this and the fact that Rally cars are in my heart, I grew up when Saab still had a factory team, I went to Sundbyberg in Stockholm yesterday to meet a group of people with a passion for Saab, Rally and Performance.

I am talking of course about, The SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team, SUHRT.

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The beauty of nature, Saab style


The Saab 9-3SC 1,8t Biopower Biogas by ANA Specialbilar

Some days ago I issued a teaser of an article coming up later in the week regarding the Saab 9-3 Trifuel. Well sorry I could not stick to that promise, but now here is the “more”. And to my defence… It´s still withIn a week 🙂

Oooh, I love talking product!

More after the jump…

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From Mr Antonov to all of us

Directly from Mr Vladimir Antonov himself to all of us supporting Saab

The web-page on Friday May 20, 2011, started a wide campaign, supporting Vladimir Antonov as an investor and shareholder of Automobile manufacturer Saab. People who care about  Saab’s future on a speedy resolution of the situation with actions on the part of the Swedish government, which will allow the well-known entrepreneur to enter into a deal and become one of the shareholders, which in turn will enable the Swedish automaker to quickly get out of the crisis and resume the production of the famous iconic brand Saab. Vladimir Antonov, urge fans of Saab to act with awareness of pressure and sharp comments against the Swedish Government, as such activity does not contribute to the speedy and effective resolution of the situation. We are thankful for the support, which is certainly needed, and are as many people around the world waiting for a positive resolution of all issues related to the details of the permission of ownership. However, we want to encourage you to behave correctly with respect to the Swedish Government in general and the people representing it.

Vladimir Antonov

So people, Vladimir wants our support and appreciate everyone’ s efforts, but ask from us to please refrain from harsh comments about the Swedish Government and individuals herein.

Remember, SaabsUnited is All of us and not just the SU crew.

Comment on SvD-SU style

If looking at the very top of comments to the original SvD article regarding the Swedish Ambassador in China and his report, you will find a comment from SU reader and commenter LasseS or Lars as his real name is.
The comment pretty much sums up all the questions that I have regarding everything Saab-China-Russia and The Swedish Government. And I like Lars would like some answers.

The original article here (In swedish)
And the take on the article so promptly reported on by TimR earlier today here
Lasses comment after the jump

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Ranting about the media v2.01…ah!

Attention please!  Nah, this is Not news. 😉

It Is a reflection on the media and some of it´s auto and financial journalists.

At first I was going with a total rant about one journalist in particular that I feel often tend to drift to “Saab hatred” named Håkan Matson of Dagens Industri. But I wont do a full article about him.
I´ll give Håkan that he is sometimes right in his assessments and actually writes something worth pondering about at times. But at the same time he is sooo happy whenever given the chance to give his very biased and negative views on a Saab model. As an example his extremely distasteful report from the NYIAS some years ago when the 9-7X made it´s debut and on live television tried to make Fords Head of Design at the moment agree with him that the 9-7X was a crap car and was truly ugly. Of course he was told that “:-No I think it´s a great looking car and wish Saab all the best”. No matter that Håkan was right in a couple of things… The size of engines and engineering of the car was not true to Saabs philosophy of building cars… he still stood there heaving dirt on the Swedish industry.

The often understated 9-7X

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One more thought from Robert Collin

Vladimir and Vladimir vs analysis from Robert,

Full Aftonbladet article here

“I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Putin is here at the same time as Antonov is in final negotiations regarding Saab.

I can hardly believe that.

No, I’m guessing that Putin is equally interested in Saab as Antonov. Just as the Chinese state is behind the nouveau riche Li Shofu and the Volvo deal, I believe that the Russian government wants the Saab deal to go through.

Antonov repeatedly mentions that he wants to open a Saab factory in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad by the Baltic Sea, and Russia needs both jobs and cars.
I think Vladimir will fix the deal. At the last minute. I´m keeping my fingers crossed.”

Do I agree? I don´t know, not all of it, but it is a valid thought and well, Robert is right when it comes to the need for jobs.

Robert… Fancy a spot of lunch? 🙂


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