International SaabClub meeting 2011

In this post I wolud like to share my impressions about the IntSaab meeting 2011. It was the second time I visited the IntSaab event and the second time it was a great event. I think everyone somehow involved in Saab Community should visit it!

Many pictures are loaded at different sites, so I will try to load my pictures in the context of the story.

here we go!

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SAAB 9-5NG: Belarus Edition

Let’s turn to some positive news  at this difficult time.

You may know that SAAB is not officially presented in most of CIS countries. However SAAB is a well known brand in these countries and there are many people who own and drive Saabs.

My friend AndyAero from Minsk (Belarus) is an experienced Saabdriver  and fan. He owns a 9000 Aero and until recently a Turbo X that he sold to get this one

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News from Russia

Seems that SAAB has serious intentions concerning Russian market. Yesterday I took part in the roundtable, organized by Armand Import CIS. I acted as a member of SU team and as a moderator of

First of all I would like to thank once again  Alexander Lyubartovich Alexander and Asel Moldakhmetova from Armand Import CIS for organizing this meeting, it was very interesting and informative.

My very first impression is that despite all the obstacles ( I mean difficulties that SAAB faces and complexity of Russian legal system) guys from Armand are set up quite seriously. The new 9-5 is now proceeding with the certification, that is why the date of official presentation moved on the 8th August. (if you’re registered at or, I’m happy to say that there will be a pre-presentation on the 5th August).

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Vladimir Antonov’s Interview for

Here is a short interview that Vladimir gave to yesterday.

Some ansewrs are interesting first of all for readers from Russia, but I think that all of SU readers will be interested in reading this

Many thanks to Nikolay Kachev for organizing it!

1. Newspapers are full of different reports about production breaks in Trollhättan, debts to suppliers, unpaid salaries etc. Russian SAAB Community is confused in this stream of news and can not understand what’s happening with the plant and Saab brand. Could you please clarify the situation?
What concerns the flow of messages on Saab, it’s true. You probably look at Russia’s medias but take a look at the Swedish, Dutch, Chinese medias. That’s where it is a lot of controversial information! The most important thing is that we and Saab management will never give up, and we are getting closer to our goal, though different obstacles appear for reasons beyond our control. If you want to have the complete understanding of the situation, just take a look at what Steve Wade had done when he attempted to recover Saab history since it became independent  from GM. Several books on this subject are already published, no doubt there are more to come. The situation is changing very quickly. I would like to say one more time, we act as the financier who gave the money to buy 29.9% shares in Saab. At the moment we’re working hard to get the control over the shares. The Swedish government has given permission to sell shares, the deal should be approved by the EIB. Step by step we are getting closer to this, winning everyday little battles, and I’m sure that anyway we will reach our goal.

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This was because of Saab: Domodedovo edition

Here is a wonderful story I’d like to share with you!

 This is Mike “Jagannatha” , he is a friend of mine, a great photographer and an 9-3 Aero XWD owner. Most of the pictures of my car are made by Mike, so I would like to thank him once again.

 In August 2009 Mike had helped me a lot to organize a nice photosession at the Moscow International Airport Domodedovo and had acted as the main photographer of this event…

 This is Anna “Bonnie”, she is a friend of mine, une femme fatale driving her Laser Red 9-3. She was among 27 participants of the photosession.


While I was running on the airfield trying to coordinate the people, Mike was not only searching for the best views and panoramas.

It happened so that In January 2010 when my wife Marina and me decided to make a short voyage in Stockholm Mike joined us not alone but with Anna! It was a nice but freezy cold trip but this is not the plot of the story.


Yesterday all together we met again, but Mike and Anna were not alone.

 This is Ekaterina, their little daughter, she is also a friend of mine, a very beautiful young lady!


It’s a kind of magic, isn’t it? Time is running so fast – Mike and Ann saw each other two years ago for the first time and now there are three of them!

SU crew “a-la russe”

While TimR and Team are covering and commenting every official and not official news and snippets, I’d like to tell few words about myself!

My presence on SU is not visible for the moment but I hope to change the situation in the nearest future.

Some people may know me by my occasional comments during last two years under the nickname “svizzera”, some people have seen myself during the IntSaab2010 event at Interlaken…. Let me introduce myself.

 My name is Valeriy, I was born in St-Petersburg in 1983 , but when I was 1 year old, my family moved to Helsinki, after 4 years we moved to Moscow, than in Geneva, than back to Moscow where I’m living now!

I’m married to Marina, who’s tolerating my passion about Saabs  with great patience. Every workday I wear a suit with a tie and turn into a employee of structured finance department in a bank.

 My Saab story began at 2008 when my 9-3 SportCombi finally arrived in Moscow and I turned from a “Saab-Theorist” to “Saab-Practiciant”. It is my second car, the first was a Lada (as I’m Russian ;). My wife drives a Nissan Primera. I also have a vintage 80MY Lada in the garage.

 Since 2008 I’ve made two TransEuroTrips on board of my Saab (including Trollhattan and StGallen), attended the IntSaab 2010 event at Interlaken, made an extreme cold autorally Moscow-Stockholm in January’10.

 As my car is my passion, I try to find every possible way to pamper it. Hirsch Performance HQ at StGallen was visited twice (I hope there is more to come!!), where with Manfred’s and Marcel’s help some goodies were installed.

 I also help to run one of the Russian Saab forums. In Moscow I organized the photosession at Domodedovo Airport and Saab Support Convoy!

 I would like to apologize for my poor English in my posts – I will do my best!

 See you at SU pages and at the International Saab Meeting in Finland!!!

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