Roudnice – Annual Czech Saab Club Meeting

Our friend at SAABISM has a nice story with lots of photos from the annual Czech Saab Club meeting which was yesterday, check out more photos at here at Saabism.

Roudnice nad Labem is the place of the largest annual Saab convention in the Czech Republic. Location : ~50km north of Prague, close to the Hora Říp, a very important landmark of the czech history.

Everything was against the attendance, the rainy weather forecast, the always very busy May, the troubles with the owner of the field airport constantly increasing the rental price and the whole Saab situation. But I’ve decided to go. The same decision was made by ~150 other Saab owners and friends.

Known faces, friends, handshakes, smalltalks, smiles. And a lot of Saabs with all their details. Snabbers, liberals, a wurlitzer DJ, all kinds of old and new clothing with the logo, a bit of merchandise, the gruppendrive at the end. Wonderful as always. I’m looking forward for the next year and here are pictures.

The farmer, the mom and the magic piece of metal

There are always moments when we’re feeling the desire to upgrade our Saabs with new toys. Either for improvement of something or just for fun. Timing is a factor here. My 9-3 convertible reached 100.000 km without any serious failures, so he deserved an upgrade. My choice was a Maptun steering wheel and the front strut brace and here is the experience with them.

Do you know how to properly hold the steering wheel ? Is it 10 and 2 or 9 and 3 o’clock ? There are discussions about this topic all the time. Teachers in driving schools and these advanced “sliding schools” are teaching it. But many drivers ignore it.

The result is this :

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Austrian dealer tour visit

As you probably know, besides Germany Saab toured in Austria as well, showing the 9-5 SC and 9-4X at dealers. I’m living not far from Vienna, so I decided to go and see the lovely new and hopely soon produced new ships. Saab Oberlaa was the target because of being there once already and seen there the new 9-5 sedan for the first time in reality.

Both, the 9-5 Sport Combi as well as the 9-4X were at the place. Of course in Aero. A bit nostalgic feeling came, because the 9-4X was exactly the same car presented at SaabsUnited Oktoberfest in Trollhattan. A petrol 2.8 Turbo6 XWD, nice 300 HP / 400 Nm and really good equipped. Great sound system. The 9-5 SC was a bit different from the one at Oktoberfest, the tour car was the BioPower version. Again a very fine and robust feeling from outside as well as from inside. Well I would like to have them both, if that would be tomorrow I wouldn’t resist at all 🙂

The Aero versions have also very nice dashboard, much more attractive than the other versions. Large trunks on both cars are showing their potential as practical and comfortable family cars.


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Between the borders

Common rides of Saab clubs are always refreshing. New people, new Saabs, new point of view on recent things and so on. It wasn’t different at the last Saturday. Saab Club Austria and Puppy Hunters Saab Club Slovakia organised a joint-ride, a fine program with space for talks and Saab sniffing … err admiring.

The programm of the day started with a non-Saab but very interesting tour over the castle in Marchegg, a small town at the river Morava (March). It’s always good to hear new things about (sometimes very bloody) history of the region where most of us are living our daily lives.


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One day …

Hello, I’m Alex. After the nice offer from TimR, to become a guest writer, I told myself, that after reading about all the troubles Saab currently has, I have to share feelings about driving my great MY2007 Saab 9-3 Convertible Aero with Hirsch performance upgrade. I truly believe that a company producing such great cars will survive and will be successful after the production restart. 

“One day …” I’ve heard myself to whisper. It was the year 2004, we finished our bands soundcheck at one of our few commercial appearances : an introduction of a new Saab model in a nice theatre on the right Danube river bank. Someone asked the organisators to uncover the thing on the stage for a moment, before the audience come. They did it. Whoaahh … I forgot to breathe and reminded myself to close my mouth, tried to imitate a poker face. It was a wonderful lime yellow 9-3 Aero Convertible. The spotlights for the stage, just tested, even empowered the atmosphere of the moment. “One day … i will drive this”.

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