ANA Group former SAAB-ANA in Trollhättan cuts workforce with 40 people

EDIT: SU have been informed that ANA Group AB will continue to do SAAB repairs but not at the old classic facility in Trollhättan, that unit will focus primarily on BMW and Mini sales and service. They will have a shop in the Överby industrial area. SU where only quoting other most often reliable media and Swedish Radio P4 Väst.

It is sad news we can read in and with P4 Radio West today. Once one of the largest Saab dealerships and an important hub for buyers of new Saabs in Trollhättan has now decided to let around 40 people leave the business.

-It was a hard blow for us when Saab went bankrupt in 2011. I can honestly say that the SAAB part of ANA since that day have been in the process of phasing out. The “suit” became way to big when there was no new Saabs and gradually the size of the amount of Saabs rolling on the roads needing service has declined as well. – Joachim Lind CEO Ana Bil AB

This is of course sad news for the Saab owners in the Trollhättan larger regin since ANA has operation and presence in Vänersborg, Strömstad, Uddevalla, Lysekil, Lidköping and Strömstad. ANA is now focusing on other brands like BMW , Mini, Fiat and Hyundai (The New Car).

Only one person in that sales floor is willing to talk to Chrisoffer Sjölin of Ttela and that is Maj Karlsson
– Really sad, but it does not come as a surprise. It a company is not making profit it is hard to just go on. For me personal it is fine now and I have only one year to retirement. – Maj Karlsson, Sales Representative

My Editorial:
The present situation for us Saab owners and enthusiasts seams to get harder every day, now more and more service providers are leaving Saab and starts to work with other profitable brands. ANA in Trollhättan sells BMW like hotcakes and are profitable. It is increasingly harder to find spare spare parts for new Saabs. Many vital parts can no longer be found and need to be found if possible in junk yards. Saabs united has tried to get a comment on this from ORIO but the new leadership with them refuses to talk to us. Not a good sign, old management invited us to meetings. So today the ANA Group´s connection to SAAB is over. Maybe it is time to change name to something that has no relation to SAAB just like what ORIO did when the changed name from Saab parts. It is truly a sad situation we have and are facing, with rapid depreciation and value of the brand SAAB cars as well as the cars we drive. The whole situation is getting more and more complicated for Saab owners by the day. I see SAAB of today purely as an enthusiast and hobby car, not a car to have as a daily drive. Most people want to have a reliable service network and a supply of ALL parts if needed. The 9-3 and 9-5 OG (and to some extent even the 9-5 NG) are antiquated even if SAAB was around the spare parts would have come to an end in 4 years most probably. No car manufacturer (besides MB and BMW) keeps old spare parts. They want You to buy a new car. That is their line of business. Finally I hope that the skilled and nice people of ANA who has to seek other opportunities find new places to work soon. Best of luck and thanks to all of You what You have done for us SAAB people over the years. Thank You All!

Historic trivia.
The name ANA comes from the other SAAB town in Sweden Nyköping where SAAB for many years had the communication, PR and spare parts center. ANA stands for Aktiebolaget Nyköpings Automobilfabrik, (Limited stock company Nyköpings Car factory). They assembled brand like Chrysler, Plymouth, Skoda, Standard, Lagonda, Goliath and Simca.
In 1960 Saab bought the company and formed Saab-Ana. With well over 100 distributor in the network they had a wide product portfolio, Saabs of course, but also Plymouth, Dodge and later Lancia and Opel + other GM brands.

Hirsch Carbon-Leather Dash for United Kingdom

ANA and SaabsUnited have started working together with a few special items and the first offer was for the Right-hand drive (RHD) Hirsch Carbon Leather dash panels for the United Kingdom. The instrument panel was intended for the Independence edition 9-3 and the parts were acquired by ANA from Saabs bankruptcy.

The panel will fit all 9-3′s from 2007-2012. This is an SU Exclusive offer and the amount available is very limited.

There are a few still available now via SaabsUnited for a price of 300 GBP* (2995 SEK) which is exactly the same price that ANA is offering the LHD version for in Sweden.

If you are interested in buying a right hand drive instrument panel, send us an order and once we have received payment, we will send you the instrument panel.

Send your order to [email protected]

*Price is depending on the exchange rate. Shipment within the UK is not included in the price!

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