Voting request for 1:43rd scale Saabs.

Our friend Andrei at Griffin Models has asked for a little help in judging the best model builders who purchased Saab models from his extensive collection of 1:43rd Saab Model Kits.

Please head over to the voting page and choose your favourite. One vote per person. While you are there, take a look around and you will be amazed what you will find. The Configurator page lets you customise your chosen model with the correct “everything”, from wheels to grills and also left or right hand drive.


SaabsUnited’s Call For Creative Professionals

I’ve hinted at it for weeks now, and we’re nearly ready to make our official announcement about the SaabsUnited Media Campaign Contest. While I can’t reveal too much just yet, I can tell you that it should go a long way toward giving us something constructive to focus our attention on rather than the day to day struggles Saab is digging out from under. If you believe that Saab has a future and you want to contribute to it, then you’re going to want to be a part of this event.

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