A Message From Outside Saab

The following post is from our friends over at Outside Saab, we need to keep supporting their effort:

What started as an idea on a sofa in the Netherlands, sort of has gotten out of control. Some facts and figures for you.

Over 40 countries hosting a staggering 95 events. A simple slogan We are many, we are Saab seems to have done the trick, including some simple artwork. What started as a small website, basically now is the place to look for an event coming weekend.

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There’s Gonna Be a Rally Tonight! Song

My good friend, Lars Svensson, and I, partnered up to bring you this very special Saab song! I got the idea in my head last night when I climbed into bed (it seems my best Saab ideas all happen here lately!), and then asked Lars to help me write the lyrics this morning. Well, he took hold of this one, and did an unbelieveable job! We would love to see this song produced and used! See for yourself below!

(in tune to The Eagles Heartache Tonight song)

There’s Gonna Be a Rally Tonight

The Saabs are gonna hit the road
Like we’ve been telling you.
All Saabs are gonna come along
To show what we can do
Every driver wants to make a statement
In support of Saab
Everybody wants to give our brand a chance,
bring it back again

There’s gonna be a rally tonight,
A rally tonight, I know.
There’s gonna be a rally tonight, I know.
Lord I know.

Some people people tend to give up hope
Some folks can’t hold out this long
But nobody should stay home now.
There’s too much going on.

All Saabs are gonna send a message
That our faith is real
Some time before it’s all too late
The factory will come to life again
There’s gonna be a rally tonight,
A rally tonight, I know.
There’s gonna be a rally tonight, I know.
Lord I know.

There’s gonna be a rally tonight,
We must win this fight.
So turn on the light, and Saab’ll be allright.
There’s gonna be a rally tonight, a
Rally tonight I know.

The Saabs are gonna hit the road
Like we’ve been telling you.
All Saabs are gonna come along
To show what we can do
Every driver wants to make a statement
In support of Saab
Everybody wants to give our brand a chance,
bring it back again.

There’s gonna be a rally tonight,
A rally tonight, I know.
There’s gonna be a rally tonight,
A rally tonight, I know.
Let’s go
If we can stand up strong together;
We can show them we are right
We can rally in the parkin’ lot,
thats what we say, there’s gonna be a
rally tonight, a rally tonight, I know.
There’s gonna be a rally tonight,
A rally tonight, I know.

Let’s rally together, everyone! Together we can make a difference! Go Saab, GO!

Quick note about stickers

We have nearly caught up with all the orders that arrive every minute in our house. The kitchen table looks like a mess but its organised, we think.

New orders
We are very happy to take any order that arrives at the house but if you want your sticker by Saturday, we think, due the postage times, there needs to be dead lines.

The last orders for the World outside Europe needs to be made by Monday 12pm (UK time)
The last orders for all of Europe need to be by Tuesday 12pm.
England can be Wednesday.

I have 40 unpaid invoices here waiting to be done. If one is yours can you check it over. If you have decided that you dont want the stickers, please email me, [email protected] and I’ll cancel the invoice.

Bulk orders, for clubs etc. I have done all the orders I have here, If you have not had an invoice please can you also get in touch just incase I’ve missed you.

I’m really looking forward to next weekend. I’ll be at Yelverton in Devon, UK with over 30 other Saabs.

Simons ready,

6 Days to Rallytime!

Are you going to be participating in a rally this coming weekend? I hope the answer is an enthusiastic YES! It doesn’t have to be a huge meet of 1000 people, it can be as little as 3 or 20, or 100. What matters is that we come together to show our support for Saab moving forward. The dealers need us now to help drive business into their dealerships, both for buying Saabs and maintaining them. Saab needs to show the future investors that we are still out there, and if they come forward and buy Saab, they will have our support. The added bonus is we get to gather a great group of people together and talk cars!

What do you do at a rally? The idea is simple. 1) If you weren’t able to order “We Are Many, We Are Saab” stickers, there is a photo available on Outside Saab that you can take to your local printer. From there, its your choice of signs, stickers or window decals. 2) Next, gather as many Saab enthusiasts as you can in one place! Some are meeting at Saab dealerships, others Ikea locations, and the final groups are meeting in large parking lots.  3) You can choose if you want to have a convoy through town, or if you just want to take some photos and chat with people in one spot. 4) If you can, we would really appreciate press releases to the major news media in your area, to gain coverage of the events. This will help Saab out tremendously through these tough times. 5) And… photos, videos, more photos, anything you can send us to post!

I understand if you’re feeling pessimistic what’s going on right now at Saab. But you have to understand that things are really moving behind the scenes! Saab is capable of resurrecting. If we all push aside our negative thoughts and focus on the positives here, we can help Saab’s positive outcome. We did it in ’10, we can do it again in ’12. We are a strong group, and together we’ve accomplished many great things. We can be very proud of what we have done. No other car company out there can boast this type of loyalty.

Up to date nformation about the rallies is always available on http://www.outside-saab.com. If you are having trouble hooking up with a rally in your area, please post a comment to this entry, and I will personally do my best to help you out!

So, I say we all take a few hours out of our busy lives, climb into our great Saab vehicles, and HIT THE ROADS! Let’s show them our heart, and that we’re still here cheering on one of the greatest auto manufacturers that ever lived. Go Saab, GO!

Thank you, each and every one of you, for helping us on this great and exciting day! Let’s make history on January 14-15th, let’s tell the people how great Saab is!

Latest News from Outside Saab

I’ve just had a great conversation with Nic and Stephan who are at the We are Saab Head Quarters as I type, answering many emails etc.

So far 31 Countries, 59 Events worldwide have registared with them. The website has received over 10,000 unique visitors since it’s launch just over a week ago.

Who said Saab was dead?

Please visit their site for more information about what will be happening in an area near you. You will also find posters and stickers there.


Update: Jan 14/15th Saab Support Meetings

Hi all,

I just wanted to take a quick opportunity to highlight the work being done by people around the world in organising Saab support meetings on the weekend of the 14th and 15th January next year.

When we had the Saab Support Convoys in 2010, they were held over three separate weekends. It’s great to see everyone jumping on board early to make sure the main weekend, the 14/15th of January, will be a busy day in the Saab calendar.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you might be aware that investors are taking the opportunity to look at Saab, both as a going concern and for its technology. As written by Ttela, Victor Muller is still in there fighting for the company’s future as well.

Saab was bought whilst in liquidation back in 2010 and you should be assured that it can happen again.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the locations where Saab support meetings are currently being organised. It’s great to see people getting on board. If you want to show your community’s support for the brand, then get your friends together and register at outside-saab.com or via the email address below.

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • Sweden – Trollhättan
  • United States – Massachusetts, Minneapolis, California, Oregon, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas
  • Poland – Warsaw
  • Austria – By Saab club Austria
  • Italy – Rome & Northern Italy
  • Czech Republic – Brno, Prague
  • France – Paris
  • Hungary – by Balazs
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • United Kingdom – Bristol, Devon/Cornwall border
  • Thailand – SAAB Club of Thailand
  • Germany – Stuttgart
  • Australia – Details will follow
  • Canada – Oakville
  • Russia – Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Petrozavodsk (Karelia)
  • Spain – Saab Club Spain
  • Finland – Saab Club of Finland is working on a meeting.
  • Belarus – Minsk
  • Uruguay – Club Saab Uruguay is organising an event (outstanding!).
  • Japan – Details will follow
  • Slovakia – Participating in the Austrian Event

Word is that events are also being organised in China and Switzerland. Details still to come.

Kudos to the Mad Dutchies for acting as information central for these meetings. Please make sure you make their job as easy as possible by getting your meeting together as soon as you can, and posting your information to outsidesaab-at-gmail.com


Why January 14th could be very important for Saab and Saab owners

NOTE: I’ve just been reminded that some gatherings will be on the 15th rather than on the 14th. Check outside-saab.com for when a gathering will be on in your area (or start one yerself!). Obviously, what’s written here is applicable to all, regardless of the date.


Greetings from the dark side of bankruptcy. It’s been a difficult week for everyone, I’m sure. Personally speaking, I’ve spent most of it responding to email and figuring out the same question that’s probably on many sets of lips right now – what next?

The immediate future of Saab as a car company is in the hands of those with the authority and the resources to make decisions about it. The sad fact about that situation is that their intentions when it comes to Saab’s facilities may not be the same as what you or I would hope them to be.

I’ve written numerous times about the incredible talent and product that’s been locked up within the fences there in Trollhattan. Like others, I still find it hard to believe that the stuff on the drawing board may never see the light of day with the name ‘Saab’ emblazoned across it.

Plans are afoot to make January 14 a day when the fans of the brand can add their voice to the conversation. Meetings are being planned around the world right now. Saab fans will gather and at the very least, celebrate a car company that means something special to them.

From my perspective, January 14th offers a couple of different opportunities.

If Saab is still a chance to be sold as a whole company, January 14 offers a simliar opportunity to what we were presented with the Saab Support Convoys back in January 2010. It’s a chance to keep the sale in the spotlight, and perhaps more importantly, it’s a chance to let any potential buyers know that there’s a significant community supporting this brand’s continued existence.

If the worst happens, and Saab is broken up by then (or a decision is made to do so), then the Saab community needs to consider it’s own future. This is a chance to not only celebrate the brand’s 64 years, but also a chance for people to get together and see just how big the global Saab family is.

I’m not sure what direction Tim has planned for SaabsUnited in the event Saab is no more, but I think the site can have a vital role to play in continuing to celebrate the culture of the company, as well as providing an important global portal for connections between clubs and enthusiasts. There will still be great opportunities for many years to come in terms of the community and I think SU has a great base to take a role in that.

Whichever way things work – and we all truly hope that someone recognises the value in this company and things work out well – January 14 can, and should, be a red letter day for Saab enthusiasts around the world.

If you want to get a gathering going where you live, I believe things are all being centrally coordinated through the Mad Dutchies ™ over at outside-saab.com. In January 2010, we had around 10,000 people, in 6,000 vehicles driving in 60 cities around the world.

That ought to be a decent benchmark, eh? Get on board.

Spanish Dealer Tour – Girona

As we mentioned before the Spanish dealer tour is underway at the moment. Today we got some pics from the first day at Scandiauto in Girona (thanks Irene!). We were told that about 30 very interested customers attended the event. Two local newspapers showed up, took picures of the cars and made an interview to Manuel Alcázar, the country director of Saab Spain. Both are planning a special reportage about Saab and those two cars.

There may be some who say that 30 people is not much and under normal circumstances I might agree. But what I learned from talks with the Saab Germany guys is that almost all of the people who showed up at those events were highly interested in the cars. Even on events like in Munich, at noon, with no special invitations some 30 people showed up and wanted to experience the product. At least here in Germany we’d expect that interest to lead to real sales as soon as a production start is in sight.

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