Phoenix entered production, kind of.

Phoenix in Geneva
Saab PhoeniX concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2011

The Saab PhoeniX concept was not understood by everybody when it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2011. But it was the concept that should have started a new phase in the life of Saab as a car company. It was quirky enough to be declared as a Saab, and some years later a company in southern Germany did imitate it at some point when they created their most futuristic car at that point.

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Vote: Lego Saab 92

Lego Saab 92
3 months ago jemanuelson posted a very nice 92 on Lego’s ideas site.

What is Lego’s ideas site? Basically fans will upload suggestions for what Lego’s next big model should be. The 92 is an obvious choice, although there might be one or two copyright issues to be worked out first. Either way, I think it deserves the full support of our community. Vote now and vote often. And if you get into the spirit of the thing, why not suggest a Lego AeroX or a black 900 turbo?

What we need to do:

  1. Register on Lego’s site
  2. Go to the project’s page
  3. Click the “Support” button
  4. Answer a few simple (and non-committing) questions


Saab 92 is the first production automobile from Saab. The design was very aerodynamic for its time, with a drag coefficient of 0.30 (an impressive figure even by today’s standards). The entire body was stamped out of one piece of sheet metal and then cut to accommodate doors and windows. Full-scale production started December 12, 1949.

Come on folks. You know you want at least two of these. This kit effectively sorts out all christmas gifts for the next decade!

This Saturday sees the launch of the NG Griffin 9-5 Wagon/Estate……..(1:43rd scale model)

This Saturday, the 28th of March, will see the launch of the Griffin NG 9-5 Estate.

16939471742_c4fae0448c_o (1)

After the fantastic success of the NG 9-5 Aero Saloon/ Sedan, Andrei started on the Wagon/ Estate and this was developed mainly from scratch with improvements being made along the way.

This 1:43rd scale model is almost all new, the only items used from the saloon were the front seats, dash and steering wheel, every thing else was newly developed with the most improvements being the chassis, head lights and wheels.

The preparation for this model took about a year and now Andrei can say he has produced more NG 9-5 estates than Saab did!

The first model will be an Aero but will be followed very soon by Hirsch and Vector versions as well as the USA Aero with the different rear hatch step.

Later this year the kit will be followed by ready made models, where you will be able to choose colours and wheels etc.

Please click through to his site for ordering information and you too can own a NG9-5 Estate.

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Final Results for Griffin Models Competition

During 2014, Andrei at Griffin Models, ran a competition for those building his kits.
Yesterday the results from a poll on his site were announced and Peter Haubold was the winner with his 95HK.

With a massive lead (187 votes – 40%) we have a Griffin Models build-contest winner. It’s Peter Haubold with Saab 95HK Motorhome kit.
We contacted Peter and he selected his prize, which is:
– Griffin Models Saab 9-5 SportCombi 2012 kit

The Museum Saabs by Atlas Editions

Why are Editions Atlas interested in Saabs?

Over the course of the meeting held in Huy in early November 2013 you got the opportunity to discover the first models belonging to a new collection announced by Editions Atlas: the Saab Car Museum Collection.

The collection is now launched in Scandinavia, followed by Finland, then gradually in other markets in which Editions Atlas already operate. The Saab Farm will be responsible for marketing operations in other countries.

Editions Atlas is a commercial concern whose products are aimed at a wide audience. Its aim is not, therefore, to sell small numbers of very sophisticated models to a handful of enthusiasts who have the necessary means but rather to appeal to as many people as possible by offering a comprehensive and well-structured collection at very affordable prices for the best possible quality.

Atlas has been expanding its operations in the Nordic countries over recent years, launching a collection of 1:43 Volvo models in 2011. So successful was the initiative that of the 30 models that Atlas originally intended to introduce, there are already plans for one or even several extensions, taking the collection up to a potential 60 models.

As a result of this success and of the evident demand, Atlas would like to test the viability of another single-brand collection with Saab. Initial tests have proven positive, meaning that work can now begin on developing a collection. This development will no doubt be boosted by the fact that the new recruit within the new product development department, who happens to specialise in miniature cars, is himself a Saabist – and a collector to boot [Editor’s note: of both miniature and full-scale Saabs]!

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