New Book to be launched at Oktoberfest. update

Sadly the book is not ready but Nicolas will still be promoting his book in Trollhattan;

He will also be bringing along a few bottles of the Saab 64 beer from Spa as a gift for anybody who reserves a copy of his new book;

We all know that Nicolas Demuynck from Belgium spent the last year helping to put together the IntSaab2012 event in Spa, we also knew that he found time to get married to the lovely Ellen but while he was doing all this he was also writing his book about Saab.

He is planning to launch his new book called Saab 64 at this years Oktoberfest get together in Trollhattan.

The book will be in English, Dutch and French.
The forward is from Swade, with Jeff (Golfhunter) contrubuting, especially for the French texts.
There are very rare archive photos from me, and also from the German, Wolfgang Schmel and the Swede, Stefan Ciabatti.
The price will be €24,95 and the book can be pre ordered on [email protected]
Those people that pre order will be given a 5% discount.
I will also be bringing a few copies to Trollhattan.

P4 West On Octoberfest

Look what I found while searching on NEVS just now. It’s none other then our own Tim Rokka talking about Octoberfest and NEVS first appearance to the fans of Saab.

Tim Rokka Photo: Victor Jensen

When I do the Google translate it sounds like quite the headline, NEVS hits Saab fans. Lets hope it’s a little more civilized although sometimes Google translate makes for some very entertaining reading.

NEVS states to P4 West the importance of good relations with the fans and they most definitely realize the importance in this. We quite often hear complaints about how quiet they have been but in this case, they have accepted the invite to take part in the festivities at the museum for Octoberfest and to put a face to the company which in itself is a nice step forward to starting a more personal relationship with the fans.

It’s great that they want to be with and talk directly with their current and future fans. It gives the course a form of credibility to the company. People want to know things and people want to see them. You need to have a face to what one hears, says Tim Rokka, who is one of the organizers.

A lot has been written and speculated about NEVS/Saab and the future we will all hold together with a lot of un answered questions. For the first public appearance of the company to be held with the fans speaks volumes to me about a company that realizes the importance of their fan base. I know there are still a ton of unanswered questions when it comes to the future products of the new Saab and I honestly don’t know how many of these questions will be answered at such an event but we can feel good that the company to represent our brand wants to connect with us the fans.

Thanks Tim again for within your busy schedule of flying, attending a meeting at the museum and regular responsibilities (all in the last couple of days) for always making yourself available when people like Victor Jensen come calling and representing Saab and getting the word out when things like this are going on.

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