Change in the management team at NEVS

Change in the management team of NEVS – New head of Communication & Public Affairs

Mikael Östlund will move on to a new assignment, as head of communication for The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers, leaving his position as NEVS’ Vice President Communication & Public Affairs.

Fredrik Fryklund is the new head of Communication & Public Affairs, and he will start his position at NEVS on May 2.

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Saab discussions tonight in Östersund, Sweden


Tonight all the authors of the books above will gather for a 2.5 hour discussion on what happened with SAAB. The initiator is Jöran Hägglund who wrote the book SAAB Affären Inifrån who now is the Landshövding (Swedish State Local Administrator General for the Province of Jämtland) he used to work in Stockholm as a State Secretary for Maud Olofsson Minister of Commerce. The other writers are Jonas Fröberg and Jens B. Nordström.

The seminar is free and open to the public at 18:00 at the State Residence in Östersund.

Press Release: Nevs celebrates ground breaking ceremony for Production and R&D in Tianjin, China

Nevs’ Chairman Kai Johan Jiang at the ground breaking ceremony in Tianjin June 28 // Photo-credit: Nevs

Like the news from last Wednesday said, Nevs celebrated the ground breaking yesterday in Tianjin, China, There will they build facilitates for production and R&D,  with a capacity for 200 000 units/year.

Chairman Kai Johan Jiang was on site together with president Mattias Bergman, and they even had more news to come with; a new partner. This new partner is Teamsun, a it-company based in Beijing. Together with State Research Information Technology (SRIT), Teamsun and Nevs has registered two new joint ventures, one for production and one for R&D. The investments in the joint venture will be initially 1 billion RMB/CNY (~161 million USD) respectively 200 millions RMB/CNY (~32.2 million USD). At the same time, Nevs announces a agreement with Bank of China that grants Nevs a credit of 10 billion RMB/CNY (~1.61 billion USD) to support Nevs business in China.

So what now? Nevs is as we see on their way back in business, but this is only a small step. There will be many more small (and of course some big) steps before we all can breathe out, and the Stallbacka factory again produce cars again. We can only cross our fingers, if the good news continues as it has done so far this spring I hope it not will be the last positive news we hear from the guys at Nevs this summer!

Read the full press release under the picture!

The ground breaking ceremony in Tianjin June 28 Photo-credit: Nevs
The ground breaking ceremony in Tianjin June 28 // Photo-credit: Nevs

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NEVS announces intention to lay off employees


This morning NEVS announces following in a press release:

Nevs announces intention to lay off up to 200 employees due to lack of work, as thedecision to re-start production will be further delayed.

Nevs has retained the permanent workforce for production since the production was stopped in the end of May this year. The reason for this has been that the company would be ready to quickly start up production, upon such decision.

The prerequisites for making a decision to start up production are to have long-term secured funding and a business plan that has been worked through together with a new majority owner.

The ongoing discussions on collaboration and ownership structure, which has not yetresulted in a binding agreement, indicates that the decision for a start-up of productionwill take time.

With this there is a redundancy of the workforce. Therefore, Nevs’ management has decided to hand in a notice of intention to lay off up to 200 employees to the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The terminations will take place in September in order to rapidly reduce the company’s costs during the reorganization period. This is a step in the reorganization plan that the administrator will present on the creditors meeting on October 8.

Nevs intends to retain the remaining staff to maintain the plant in good condition, to beprepared for the new production, after such a decision is taken, and to continuedeveloping new products.

Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention 2014


Members of the SAAB Club of Canada along with fellow SAAB owners and enthusiasts will be hosting the first ever
Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention on June 28 & 29, 2014 in Toronto, Canada at the Westin Bristol Place Hotel.
This event has long been awaited by many SAAB lovers all over Canada, and now it is finally confirmed.

More information can be found at regarding events, accommodations, ticket prices, etc. and will be updated periodically.

I have attached the press release below.

This is going to be a fantastic event. Please join us in a celebration to show our passion and support for this iconic brand!


Saxel Nouth
Co-Event Coordinator


February 3, 2014

Announcing the first ever Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention 2014 to take place in Toronto, Canada!

Are you a SAAB owner and are planning to take some time off on the 2014 Canada Day long weekend? Members of the SAAB Club of Canada along with fellow SAAB enthusiasts are excited to officially announce Canada’s first ever SAAB Owner’s Convention to take place on June 28th and 29th of 2014 in Toronto, Ontario at The Westin Bristol Place Hotel.

There has been much discussion over the years to finally host an epic event such as this in Canada. After listening to many enthusiasts, we realized that the time is right in 2014 to realize this vision. Whether you have a cherished classic, a perfectly polished 9000 Aero, a lightning fast Viggen, a Turbo X, 9-3 Sportcombi,
NG 9-5, or anything in between, this convention is for all!

We have something planned for everyone – place your car in the People’s Choice or Concourse Show Fields, listen to one of the many tech sessions planned including discussing Vintage SAAB Performance, discussing early SAAB rallying, SAAB tuning seminar, Ask A Mechanic, and much more!

A dyno will be on site for those of you who have made mods and want to measure your horsepower on site at this event. We will have a parts tent brought to us by our many vendors and sponsors as well as a swap meet for those who wish to sell parts individually.

Adding to the excitement is an Advanced Driving Academy which will be offered as an option to registered participants at Shannonville Racetrack on July 2, 2014.

There will also be a special presentation with updates on parts availability and service points. Don’t miss the chance to learn about the viability of keeping your SAAB on the road. The culminating night of festivities is the Awards Banquet with live music, and special guests.

Make plans to head for Toronto in 2014 to reunite with your old SAAB friends and make new ones! Keep checking back with for more details, event schedule, sponsor information, event registration and hotel accommodation information.

This will be a historic event! Be part of something new…


Press Release, UK, Saab Secure.

astley saab yeovil

The modern Saab is an extremely complex piece of machinery with thousands of sophisticated moving parts.

Within the engine alone there are a huge number of components from camshafts and cam followers to piston pins and rings. Then there are other intricate systems from the electrics and brakes to the steering and suspension.

It’s this advanced engineering that makes a Saab a dream to drive, and while your Saab is very reliable, occasionally repairs are necessary and can be an unexpected expense. With this in mind it’s well worth taking out a Saab Secure Warranty for your vehicle.

It will cover most original mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle and offers you peace of mind for the road ahead.

Saab Secure is available for all Saab’s less than 10 years old with different levels of cover for you to take out.

A Saab Secure Warranty is available from just £279.
Flexible warranty cover ranging from a 1 year to a 5 year policy
Unlimited mileage
Instant cover from day one

Please contact your nearest Saab dealer for more details, find them on line, or ring Jerry on 01935 426 701 and he will help you find your most local.

Press Information: Parts AB reports increased 2013 first quarter sales

  • Saab Automobile Parts AB shows an increase in sales during the first quarter compared with the same period in 2012
  • Net sales increased by 24 percent and operating profit amounted to kSEK 35,964
  • The company continued to expand its business during the period by starting subsidiaries in Norway and Finland and has also strengthened the network of Authorized Repairers

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