Trued´s NG 9-5 Aero – First impressions & THN views

Well it was bound to happen a NG 9-5. First time I saw one was after having led one of the convoys to Trollhättan one wintry day at the SaveSaab happening in 2010.

Still remember how graceful I thought the body was. So more or less I started to plan for the TurboX SC replacement. Earlier in the spring of this year I had a tentative order of an AERO. But due to circumstances that order was postponed. The idea was to have NG 9-5 with the SUHRT events in the summertime eg. The Midnaight Sun Historic Rally. But because of the temporarily shutdown of the factory the planned cars would not have had been delivered.

So I regained faith in Saab and having driven all engine alternatives I was ready to take the step to the best car Saab ever has made. First I started to look into the Saab Sweden “warehouse” zero milage cars that Saab has in Trollhättan and at dealers around Sweden. I had fallen for the Carbongrey metallic paintwork and Aero line of course. So I started to search the web in my quest for a suitable Saab 9-5 Sedan, I have never owned a Saab sedan. Just “practical” cars. Last sedan was a Lancia Prisma 1600 -1986. Knowing that I occasionally haul 99 B-engines in the cavernous TurboX could this be an issue??? But I guess a 9-5 sedan will take care of 98% of my transport needs ant that is in grand style.

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SoundRacer Saab 9-5 supports Gumball 3000

Went to the Stockholm International Engineering and Technology Fair today. Among miniaturized submarines and crypto cellphones I med the CEO of SoundRacer Kenneth Palmestål, who is by the way from Trollhättan. His company has sold close to 100000 SoundRacers around the globe. Its a little device You plug into the 12V outlet in the car and hook up via FM or Mini DIN stereo plug. Once connected one have a choice of different engine sounds.

From SoundRacer ´s website

My interview with Kenneth today

Kenneth who loves the way the new Saab 9-5 drives striped his car and went to the start of The Gumball 3000 and gave all participants a SoundRacer. He drove his 9-5 from Sweden to London to promote his stuff. His 9-5 looks fantastic!

Kenneth´s video at the Gumball 3000 in London

History of the SUHRT October Fest 99 Rally car

Inside ANA Trollhättan at the SaabsUnited October Fest

Just after the decision on date for the October Fest, I was given the responsibility of getting some great Saab people to talk at the Gala Dinner. First I called Stig Blomquist and Per Eklund. Unfortunately they where already booked the SU October Fest weekend. So I started to think of who I could call. Ola Strömberg of course old time swedish champion and still an active driver in a Suzuki Swift GTI and also a speaker at the Midnattssolsrallyt.

The original car driven by Ola Strömberg in Lombard RAC 1984, Photo by Keith Long

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Per Eklund Swedish champion in a Saab 9-3

The young swedish driver (65 years of age) became Swedish Champion in RallyCross last weekend at Kinnekulle Racetrack near Trollhättan.
Let´s hope for a fast return to motorsport for Saab once the economy is squared out. RallyCross is great but even greater is WRC Rallying. When it comes to Historic Rallying & Racing there is SUHRT of course.

A big round of hurray for good old Per still possessing the true Saab fighting spirit. Will he ever step down? No I do not think so.

Taken from Per Eklund Fan site:
The final weekend of the Swedish Rallycross Championship held at the Kinnekulle circuit near Götene hosted a Supercar final that would be a clean final competition and would thus crown a Swedish Supercar champion, (the championship having this year only hosted Super Nationell, National 2400 and the Swedish Junior Championship). Hedström had initially taken an early lead in the Supercar final but had his lead snatched away from him after his Skoda Fabia ‘Helga’ recently rented from Belgian Rallycross star, Jochen Coox, caught fire. Race Marshalls immediately ‘red flagged’ the race, leaving the race set to be restarted, and Hedström left to exit the circuit deflated and out Championship contention; his car’s damage too significant to enter the Final restart. It was Per Eklund who emerged as leader in the restarted final snatching victory form Swede Stig-Olov Walfridsson. The Swedish legend and Rallycross veteran took the win after passing Walfridsson who was forced to slow due to a puncture.

For Peter Hedström, the events in the race could lead to damaging consequences. Hedström on ‘Facebook’ post-race: “These things happen in this sport, it is just a shame I was struck by such bad luck whilst taking the lead in the final, but it’s the nature of Rallycross.” Peter Hedström had rented the Skoda Fabia with hope of taking the Swedish title in Götene, the place where he grabbed the Swedish junior Rallycross Championship ten years ago. Hedström was reported to have had his sights set on gold here, and then to follow he would compete in the Czech Republic in the ERC, if the car was in good condition for the event next weekend. Speaking to Swedish Newspaper, “Värmland Folkblad” Hedström said: “It will be a tough competiton but my sights are set on gold. We take one thing at a time. But if the car is not too demolished then there is an absolute chance that I had could compete next weekend. You just have to hope that the sponsors are as generous as they are now.” Hedström was focused on a good European Championship effort which could pave the way for a hefty investment in the championship next year for the Swede. The Norwegian Ole Håbjørgtook the touring cars in Sweden ahead of Lars Rosendahl and Irishman, Derek Tohill.

Preparations for the Eastern Convoy

Hi everyone, just been to Svenska Bil the place where the Eastern convoy will start 12:00 AM friday. I talked to the manager and checked the coffee and rolls situation. They serve us that from 11:00. Krister and Micael from SUHRT will lead the convoy with our newest creation in the team our “Secret” 99 and the Publimmo Venere 99 Turbo replica of Swedish Rally 1981. I will unfortunately not be going in the convoy I leave for Trollhättan thursday night for should we say some “Early Friday morning business” near Trollhättan.
So there is a great chance that SUHRT surprise the Saab community again. Follow SU and You will be enlighten.
Drive safe to Trollhättan. But lets cause havoc there…. miles and miles of Saab enthusiasm. The Trolls will not mind!

GrenseRallyt in Trollhättan Tomorrow! SUHRT are competing!

Hope they put on the bonnet before the race!

SaabsUnited Historic Rally team has sent one of our 99 Turbo´s to Trollhättan today to compete in tomorrows Grense rally (Border Rally). The rally is a regularity rally
The marbel-white 99 crew is Krister Sundman and Micael Öberg. This is their second race ever first was Midnattssolsrallyt this summer. This car will be back down in Trollhättan next week for the OctoberFest again.
Saab people in Trollhättan should go down to the Saab Car Museum where the start and finish is and cheer on SaabsUnited´s very own team.

OctoberFest: Eastern Convoy Stockholm-Trollhättan

The eastern convoy starting in Stockholm from Saab dealer Svenska Bil in Kista/Akalla

12:00 AM the convoy rolls towards Trollhättan. Hope is that Svenska Bil offers conveyers a cup of coffee.

Led by 3 SUHRT Rally 99 Turbos, first one with flashing amber light on the roof!

E 18 towards Oslo
In Örebro take E20 towards Göteborg
In Götene take Road 44 towards Trollhättan

Stops and approximate times:
Start Kista/Akalla Svenska Bil 12:00 AM
1. 13:00 Enköping @ MacDonalds east exit Enköping
2. 13:30 Västerås IKEA west exit
3. 14:30 Örebro MapTun 30 minute Coffee Break and Shopping Saab stuff right from MapTun warehouse, leaving 15:00

4. 16:30 Mariestad @ MacDonalds west exit
5. 17:00 Götene @ Preem road 44
6. 17:30 Lidköping @ The Bandy Stadium Villa Arena
7. 18:30 Trollhättan arrival at Saab Car Museum.


Secret SU October Fest 99

The white 99 has now been in the SUHRT garage for about 2 weeks lots going on and we have 3 more weeks until it has to be ready to roll down to Trollhättan with the other Stockholm Saabs. The convoy will include two more cars from SUHRT the marble white ex. Vladimir Antonov 2010 Midnattssolsrallyt and the RAL 5005 blue 99 Turbo driven in 2011 Midnattssolsrallyt by Fredrik Nyström-Andersson. Both car will be equipped with Clarion Car Stereo from our sponsor KGK.


Here are some sneak picture from the secret “development” department at SUHRT.

We will strap an “embedded” reporter from Auto Motor and Sport Magazine in one of the seats + two of our team sponsors Abshot Signs UK and Mellowood Medical Canada.
We will give the a ride of their life also later on in Trollhättan on a Testtrack. All our cars are equipped with Sellholms Tuning Springs and Bilstein/FORZA Rally/Racing spec shocks, riding on Ronal or Minilite wheels with Dunlop or Michelin 195´s.
Also a big thank You to all the sponsors WORLD-WIDE that helps us to pull this project through!

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