RBM Performance Launches Webshop For NA


French RBM Performance have launched a dedicated webshop for Saab owners in the USA and Canada. Being the leading independent used and new Saab parts supplier in France Romain and his team have 11 years of experience in the parts business and offer dedicated customer service.

From the RBM press release:

    RBM Performance offers new genuine and aftermarket saab parts at afordable prices, tested second-hand saab part as lots of SAAB accessories and high value tuning enhancement parts for all saabs.

    To be able to do so the company relies on more than thirty international suppliers including Swedish saab’s specialists like Maptun Performance and the english one Abbott Racing. We also have our own range of exclusive and specific saab products.

    The reason of our success?

    Customer service provided by passionate, an exemplary reactivity (95% of all e-mails answered within 24 hours) and a pricing policy which makes the company one of the most competitive in the saab parts market.

    Launches of RBMperformance.us illustrate the will of its director to continue its openness to international on a larger market. The product offering and pricing were considered to fit perfectly to north america customers’ needs.

    « Rates negotiated through this deployment allows us to provide really attractive prices, stresses Romain Mariani our CEO
    We also sign a deal with Fedex who will handle our shipments for United States and Canada negotiated at the lowest possible rates ».

So if you are from North America make sure to check it out.

900 Classic Wooden Gear Knobs

Many of you will remember that Saab once produced a great wooden gear knob as an accessory for the 900 Classic. Romain, from RBM Performance, has got together with a local manufacture to produce a couple of versions of this great and wanted product.

“Many of SAAB 900 classic owners were asking for WALNUT / WOOD gearknob. This accessorie is no more available from saab. We at RBM performance decided to produce this part again with the help of a quality wood part automaker.You ‘ll now find this very high quality wood gearknob on our webshop in two types of walnut : dark one ou light one. This part is exclusively available from rbmperformance.com
the light version:
the darker one:
We also provide the genuine saab NARDI wood steering wheel as seen on last picture:

best regards

R. Mariani
RBM Performance


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