Keep calm… – yeah, you know.

Yesterday saw a short moment of hooray as it was reported that Youngman placed a bid on Saab. Later on it came through that the administrators were, to say the least, indifferent towards the bid and that hooray died again. Tough, but it was maybe just another lesson not to get too excited about news unless they announce a definete deal.

As the receivers said there are five parties in the game who want to take over Saab as a whole. To me this is the best news and my hope is fed from that statement. I’d expect many more to be around who are, just like Semcon, interested in bits. Despite that, the last statement from the receivers said that they try to sell Saab as a whole. And as far as they don’t state something else this is still valid. I may not agree with all of their moves but they know that a complete sale to someone who offers a future to the Saab brand in Trollhättan would be the most desired outcome.

Regarding those rumors that they are already on the way to split Saab – take them as what they are: rumors. There are so many floating around right now. Some come from “people with insight” who like to be heared, some may be conclusions by the press. Everybody colors those rumors in a way they support their position or view of course. We and you have to be pretty careful about this and that’s why I already told you in my last post that those conclusions are based on rumors.

The receivers and the interested parties are at work, discussions are ongoing on various levels. Lots of white noise are surrounding this and it is a challenge to find those pieces that have substance. Some people have asked us why we do not run one or another story. This is exactly the reason for it. We are working hard to bring the essence to you.

I did not want to use that term anymore but keep calm and carry on all we can do at the moment.

Preparations for the Eastern Convoy

Hi everyone, just been to Svenska Bil the place where the Eastern convoy will start 12:00 AM friday. I talked to the manager and checked the coffee and rolls situation. They serve us that from 11:00. Krister and Micael from SUHRT will lead the convoy with our newest creation in the team our “Secret” 99 and the Publimmo Venere 99 Turbo replica of Swedish Rally 1981. I will unfortunately not be going in the convoy I leave for Trollhättan thursday night for should we say some “Early Friday morning business” near Trollhättan.
So there is a great chance that SUHRT surprise the Saab community again. Follow SU and You will be enlighten.
Drive safe to Trollhättan. But lets cause havoc there…. miles and miles of Saab enthusiasm. The Trolls will not mind!

Further news on the bridge loan

From (with the help Saablog-in)

SWEDISH AUTOMOBILE, SAAB The two Chinese companies that have agreed to buy a stake in Saab have agreed to guarantee a loan to the company, daily Dagens Nyheter wrote on Thursday, quoting unnamed sources. The paper said the decision by Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Co. and Pangda Automobile Trade Co Ltd had been motivated by Chinese authorities easing the process for the two to take stakes in Saab. The chance of quick decision by the authorities and therefore of Saab getting new money, has risen, one source said. Late on Wednesday, Saab parent Swedish Automobile reported a first-half operating loss of 201.5 million euros ($290.1 million) and warned it could lose the battle to stay afloat.

I would says this is a speculative rumour as I can’t even find the article from Dagens Nyheter they talk about.

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