Pilots Wanted 2016

From Friday evening dinner, at Schwedenkai

The first weekend in June (3-4th of June), the second edition of the event “Pilots Wanted” took place in Kiel, Germany. Like the first time back in 2014 it was the guys at Autohaus Lafrentz and Saabblog.net that organized this event. Some of our readers may know about Autohaus Lafrentz and I’m sure some of you think that you had heard that name before – and if you are in to the new generation 9-5, I’m sure you heard it before. The guys at Lafrentz is in my opinion specialists in the new generation 9-5, and the fact that they organizes a 9-5 meeting also tells me that they are enthusiasts. Many will also remember that they played a major part in the process with get the NG9-5 SportCombi street legal. So there is no doubt the team at Lafrentz is “a bit” more interested in Saab than the average Saab-delar, which is evident as you enter the shop… 🙂

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Get the unique 9-5 NG camera technology for Your SAAB now!


As some of You already know I have been working with Traffic Safety and at that time new technologies for cars and trucks for the Swedish National Road Administration. That was in the late 1990ies 15 years ago. What was hot then is today way old. Actually I still have one of the test equipment in my garage, a Alpine built (for Volvo) Dynaguide GPS system with TMC technology. I would be willing to sell it to someone who has a 1998 Volvo who would like to have the ultimate accessory.

The NG 9-5 had an optional feature called “Opel-Eye” a camera that recognized road lane markings and traffic speed signs and no overtaking signs. That technology was NOT invented in house in Trollhättan, Rüsselheim or Detroit. It was from Jerusalem in Israel. The company Mobileye made the hardware and the data processing.

Now there is an aftermarket product that gives You as a driver not only the lane control and sign, but also collision warning of cars, motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians. This would be a perfect add-on to Your new ore near-new car. As long as it have a CAN BUS electrical system which all Saabs from 9-5 OG and onwards have.
The installation needs to be professionally done, besides that is is super easy to operate since it is doing everything without You having to a thing.

Swade even wrote about this system for the NG 9-5 back in 2010

If You are living in Sweden and is interested in getting the product in Your Saab or any other car feel free to contact me at trued[at]gmail.com

9-5 Camera


Memory lane revisited: Saab 9-5 NG


Was talking to Tim on the phone and we got started talking about 9-5 NG. Tim had seen a feature on Bloomberg TV where they mentioned the Saab 9-5 NG as one of the best cars for young people with new drivers licenses. Then I searched the web and found a Bloomberg feature posted on Youtube with just 703 hits. Bet that number will increase after this posting. For those of You wondering where my old 9-5 NG is today I can say it is in the hands of a pianist in Göteborg. Interesting enough the the fact that the car had the Harman Kardon sound system was of less interest since he did lot listen to much music in private.

Saab 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch for sale!

SAAB 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch 2010
SAAB 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch 2010


Making room for more classic renovations of 99 Turbos in the garage. So I have decided to put my Saab 9-5 NG AERO 2010 for sale.

Its one of the first production cars with number #175 a carbon grey metallic with parchment  leather interior. First owner was SAAB Automobile AB in Trollhättan. I am the second owner and the car has now just 44000 km on the odometer. The specifications list is quite unique:

Engine & Chassis:

4 cylinder 260 bhp Hirsch engine with a manual 6 speed gearbox. Hirsch stainless steel quad exhaust with Helmholtz Resoantor. DriveSense active chassis with HiPer Struts. 19″ Turbine aluminium wheels + a set of 4 Studded  wheels on Saab aluminium. All Hirsch installation made by the technicians at Saab-ANA in Trollhättan.


Hirsch leather dash, HUD Head-Up-Display, Color info screen, Harman Kardon top of the line radio. GPS Navigation system with information in the HUD, DAB Digital Audio Broadcast radio, Forward camera for fraffic sign detection and warning for crossing white lines. Advanced Parking assist. Rear seat entertainment with two color screens and wireless headphones and remote control. Tinted plastic screens in rear door windows and rear window from Swedish maker Solarplexius. Textile and rubber mats. Bagage compartment with the slider aluminium control system. Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free mobile communication


Aero design line, removable tow/hitch, rear Hirsch trunklid spoiler.

Ready to be sold for 21000 EUROS, approximately 188000 SEK, the car is in Stockholm. Contact me +46709589632 or jtrued[at]gmail.com.

Just a clean sale no other car is of interest I have 7 Saabs already 🙂


The Arctic NG 9-5 SportCombi (“The Phantom Saab”)

A rare beauty
A rare beauty
Anna and I spent the first week of August in Tromsø, Norway. It is a fantastic island to visit, especially in June/July when the sun never shuts down for the night. Yes, the rumors are true, they have their very own sun up there.

Aside from the usual family gatherings (my mum hails from this island) I had an ulterior motive this year. Tromsø also happens to be the home of one of the very few 2012 9-5 SportCombis ever made. #10 to be precise. Of course we had to pay our respects.

I met with two very enthusiastic brothers, the Østbø brothers, who ended up buying a 9-5 combi as well as a 9-4x during last winter’s auctions. They are second generation Saab aficionados and the older sibling has not one, nor two, but three Saabs. A 900, a Sonett and finally the 9-5SC.

A Swedish colleague tipped them off early on and preparations to buy the 9-5 started immediately. Harald was not a 100% certain he would be able to get the car road legal, but after

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