Saab Fans United

I am always delighted when people get in touch with us about their Saab Club meeting or a weekend getaway. The other day in the [email protected] account I found a letter with some photo’s of an event that gathered people from three different states in the US to enjoy some Saab time together. Chris from Oklahoma provides the words for us below and Chris thank you for sharing.

I know from time to time you like to highlight Saab get-togethers from various parts of the world, and wanted to let you know about an event we had this past weekend in the very rural southeastern Oklahoma here in the United States.  What many folks don’t realize about Oklahoma is that it is pretty diverse ecologically – with the western part of the state being pretty arid and flat, and the eastern part being quite hilly and green.  So, for the best driving roads (if you’re in a Saab, at least), we decided to hold an event on an scenic highway in the southeastern part of the state between Talihina, Oklahoma and Mena, Arkansas known as the Talimena Drive.

Pam's Hateful Hussy

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Fan Photo’s IntSaab

I received a nice email this morning from our friend Martin who was at IntSaab Belgium last month where they celebrated the 25th birthday of the Belgium club and 30 years of international Saab Club meetings. Looking at the photo’s, it’s hard not to feel that for those of us who couldn’t be there really missed out.

In Martin’s words below, it sounds that Great Britain has its work cut out to try to match this years meet.

We had the most fantastic time and to be able to do 6 laps of Francorchamps race circuit was just the most amazing experience! The Belgian owners club put on an incredible event the likes of which I think would be very difficult to match.

I don’t know, I think they can do it. Great Britain will be celebrating 50 years of British Saab Clubs. The 2013 meeting will be held in Kettering in the heart of England and will be held August 2-4. Check out the Facebook page for IntSaab 2013 and start planning to be there if you can. They have a website too but it looks to still be under construction and given that 2012 IntSaab has just past, I’m a little surprised to already see so much coming together for the next.

Thanks again to Martin for his photo’s and good luck to those involved in next years event, I really look forward to seeing this come together.

Happy 10 Years To The Saab Club Of Western Canada


Just received an email from Ken at the Saab Club Of Western Canada to announce their 10 year anniversary. Our dealership at Springman’s Saab in Surrey has many opportunities to interact with this club and have shared many conversation and good times with the members at events like the Octoberfest and We Are Many. Saab clubs and groups are the back bone of keeping us all connected and together and I personally would like to thank this group on their 10th anniversary for their commitment to Saab and the community of Saab drivers that grace their club.

The club has a meet set for tomorrow as well for their 10yr Anniversary. The information is below and for all our local Saab owners in the Greater Vancouver area, come out and support this club and make some friends.

We shall meet in the parking lot in front of the OLD IKEA building, off of Sweden Way.

Event Details & RSVP
What: SCWC 10-YEAR ANNIV. MEET (& RUN ?) – Sunday/12th
Who: SAAB Club of Western Canada (SCWC) Forum
When: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 10:30 am – 1 pm PDT

 Personally, I make it a habit to follow as many Saab Clubs as I can find so if you have the time, why not click the logo above and leave a nice message for this great group of Saab owners and congratulate them on their first 10 years. Have a great weekend my friends.

SOC 2012 Wrap Up

The 2012 SOC has come to a close, but the stories and photo’s keep rolling in. I have heard people in and out of the Saab community try to tell me that the Saab community is all but dead. Dead? What rock are they living under? If this is death of a community, I’ll take it because I’ve been a part of other groups that didn’t have the kind of response that Saab does even when they were healthy. With over 200 people attending the 2012 SOC in Iowa and the same kind of action if not more at IntSaab 2012 in Belgium, I would say the community is still alive and kicking.

Below are some photo’s and a story from Tim O and his time at SOC.

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SAAB Owners Convention 2012

We have received our first email from the Saab Owners Convention in Iowa City today from none other then Peter Gilbert. Funny, I was thinking my Vancouver weather was hot and it’s only been 27C to maybe 30C. Sounds like beautiful weather for a great event.

Greetings from Iowa It’s over 40C and we have a pretty decent turnout with a few NG 95s. Being a neighboring state of Wisconsin we have one of our biggest turnouts of from the Milwaukee area and Saturday there will be a large local turnout from Iowa City because of Meyer Saab which has many loyal customers.
Here’s a little video I found too. This looks like the place to be in North America, really wish I had the ability to be there. Since I can’t, I really hope people like Peter or Mark or any of you that may be attending can shower me with photos and video feeds on Youtube.

Check their website for more info at saab convention


What A Passionate Bunch

Most of us have encountered people that shake their heads at us when we get started in talking about Saab’s and why we love them. People think we’re a little, I don’t know, crazy. They don’t see why we are so passionate about a brand that has had so many struggles, yet they themselves have most likely never driven a Saab nor have they ever been a part of a community that is so welcoming to everyone, where it matters not if you are driving a brand new 9-3 or an older 900.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people through Saab and I have never seen a group of car owners like this. I have in 16 years in the car business, worked for three brands. In my days working in a GM store, for the most part the customers were a revolving door and we very rarely had long term customers. When I came to work for Saturn, we had a ton of repeat price point customers who loved us but their car was mainly just a mode of transportation. Now with Saab, yes there have been issues with sales and of coarse the bankruptcy but the customer and fan smile when talking of their car and they are often eager to show me what they have done or added.

With not a lot of news coming lately as we wait for the deal to be completed somewhere in the middle of next month, I have found myself starved for everything Saab. I am constantly searching Facebook for different groups to see what they are up to.

In one of my last posts, I had mentioned the Saab Club of San Diego. I have been following this club for a while now and they are very active online and through that, I have seen they interact quite well with Saab Club of LA which is another very active club on Facebook.

One of the members of they LA Club said to me that she would like to see a thread or post on Saab tattoos. I know I had seen a thread at one point on Saab Central on Saab tattoos. Probably the most popular Saab tattoo is the one below of the Griffin head.

Photo from Saab Central

I have seen this one on arms, legs, backs, basically everywhere. Very classic if you ask me and looks good even in just the black outline. Of coarse tattoos are not just for the guys and Dayna from the Saab Club of LA has one of her own. What’s a little pain for something you love?

SaabGirl Dayna

How many other Saab Girls are out there? How many of you out there have Saab tattoos? Maybe you have the Phoenix, maybe the Griffin, whatever it is we’d like to see them.

To the many of you like Dayna that wear their heart on their chest, their back, their shoulder or forearm, I salute you and your dedication. If you have some Saab tattoos you would like to share with us, email them to me at [email protected] and I will do a follow up post to this one.

SAABotaZh Club

Another day another club. Below is an email I received from a club from Belarus called SAABotaZH. Now not knowing Russian or trusting google translation, I will let the email speak for itself. It’s been nice getting to know more and more of these clubs and groups across the globe and as always, I invited any club or group to send me an email at [email protected] or to saabsunited[email protected] to tell us about you and your group.

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SaabWay Club Italy

I wasn’t sure when I put the call out to Saab Clubs to tell their stories if I would receive much in response. I have been very happy and surprised with the response so far. In this second installment, we are introduced to the SaabWay Club of Italy from the President of the club, Luca Seghezzi. If you click the logo below, you can check out their website or click ->HERE<- to view their facebook photo page. I’ll turn it over now to Luca to introduce us all to the SaabWay Club of Italy.

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