The Museum Saabs by Editions Atlas pt3

The Saab Car Museum Collection in 3D (Part 3/3)
In the first part of this trilogy, Dimitri of Editions Atlas outlined the background surrounding the decision to produce a new series of miniatures, the Saab Cars Museum Collection.

The second part explained to us how the latest technology was used to scan the Saab Cars Top models from the Museum.

In this third and last part we learn how the pre production of the model cars is made.

(…) Here they will compile all of the information and produce a 3D simulation of the mould they will create.

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The Museum Saabs by Editions Atlas pt2

The Ursaab has a scan in the Museum in Trollhättan

In the first part of our article on future Saab models, Dimitri of Editions Atlas outlined the background surrounding the decision to produce a new series of miniatures, the Saab Cars Museum Collection.

How do you go from a full-scale car to a scale model whilst remaining true to the features of the original car? As far as accuracy is concerned, current technologies mean we now have previously unheard of possibilities within our reach thanks to the 3D scanner, which is what we shall attempt to explain here with the help of Dimitri, whose technical perspective on the matter we greatly appreciate.

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The Saab Museum on Swedish TV

Tonight Swedish Television broadcasted a show about classic cars. One of the segments was a lovely presentation of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan and my favorite (and yours, I’m sure) museum curator Peter Bäckström.

Hopefully this is available outside Sweden. It works for Thilo so it should work for you.

The nicest car in the museum’s collection?

The really good stuff starts about 14 minutes and 8 seconds in. There are some other nice cars as well, but my wife could not be bothered to watch that now so we skipped over those parts.

North American SU Plate Frames Are Here!!

This last week I have been on holiday and enjoying some much needed family time. On Wednesday we spent the night at a local hot spring resort and came home feeling very refreshed and rested.

Upon our arrival home, I saw a box sitting in my garage and thought what could it be. To my surprise, the SAABSUNITED North American plate frames that I had ordered the week before and was told I’d be lucky to see them in three weeks time, had mysteriously arrived and very early.

SU North American Frame

We have ordered 100 of these plate frames and have used the same logo type that is on the European SAABSUNITED plate frames as well as what you find on the last 9-3 in the Saab Cars Museum with the logo type at the bottom. Yes we know this doesn’t work for all states and cities in North America for the rear plate but is fine for most as a front frame.

We have just added the item to the SU store at the bottom of the page with a quick and easy PayPal button on the page to place your order. Please use the PayPal button for this item in the store as it is separate from the rest of the store. Once in your PayPal account, you will have the option of buying more than one and selecting your delivery address.

The price of this new item is $15CDN which includes shipping for all of North America. You can order right here by clicking the button here or in the SU store at the bottom of the page.

This is the first North American exclusive SAABSUNITED product and something we have been talking about doing for a long time. I hope in the future that we will have more products added to the North American store and to have a quick turnaround for deliveries. Once your payment has been received I will ship the product out via mail. Please note, I do have a full time job and this will be done on my off time but I do have a postal drop down the road and don’t see problems with timely deliveries. I hope you all approve and hey, just in time for Christmas lol.

P4 West On Octoberfest

Look what I found while searching on NEVS just now. It’s none other then our own Tim Rokka talking about Octoberfest and NEVS first appearance to the fans of Saab.

Tim Rokka Photo: Victor Jensen

When I do the Google translate it sounds like quite the headline, NEVS hits Saab fans. Lets hope it’s a little more civilized although sometimes Google translate makes for some very entertaining reading.

NEVS states to P4 West the importance of good relations with the fans and they most definitely realize the importance in this. We quite often hear complaints about how quiet they have been but in this case, they have accepted the invite to take part in the festivities at the museum for Octoberfest and to put a face to the company which in itself is a nice step forward to starting a more personal relationship with the fans.

It’s great that they want to be with and talk directly with their current and future fans. It gives the course a form of credibility to the company. People want to know things and people want to see them. You need to have a face to what one hears, says Tim Rokka, who is one of the organizers.

A lot has been written and speculated about NEVS/Saab and the future we will all hold together with a lot of un answered questions. For the first public appearance of the company to be held with the fans speaks volumes to me about a company that realizes the importance of their fan base. I know there are still a ton of unanswered questions when it comes to the future products of the new Saab and I honestly don’t know how many of these questions will be answered at such an event but we can feel good that the company to represent our brand wants to connect with us the fans.

Thanks Tim again for within your busy schedule of flying, attending a meeting at the museum and regular responsibilities (all in the last couple of days) for always making yourself available when people like Victor Jensen come calling and representing Saab and getting the word out when things like this are going on.

Tattoo You And The Griffin

I did a post a little while back on SAABSUNITED where we touched on the subject of tattoos and the devotion of many fans to this brand called Saab. Since that post, I have received a few more emails of tattoos and not too surprisingly it would seem the most popular is the Griffin head logo. Below are three examples of this Griffin head inked on fans who really have no looking back on Saab now, it’s a part of them forever.

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Saab Car Museum Support Organization – First Meeting

Finally a support organization for the Saab Car Museum is emerging. None of our team made it there but Tom from was there to fill the void. Many thanks to Tom for sharing it with us:

Margareta Hallin and Peter Backström

Last friday the first meeting to found a support organisation for the Saab Car Museum took place in Trollhättan. Generally it can be said that a lot of things have turned out very positive since our last visit. While two months ago the worries about a long term solution were all around, the future looks more bright now. 36 poeple showed up to join the meeting and enjoy coffee and sweet pastries.

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The World Is Watching Us

Personally, I have been watching our totals go up with excitement and anticipation the last few days and I am extremely proud of this unified effort from everyone here. Apparently I am not alone and in the last few days I have seen a lot of media coverage about our cause. This is going to be a big part of the history of Saab and the history of the automotive world. I have searched high and low and have not been able to see anywhere that a group of fans of any manufacturer have done what we are so close to doing. Saab fans are simply the best and this does a lot to show our potential owners that the Saab fans are still here and support the brand to the fullest.

Here are some samples of what is out there about our campaign in different media:

The Motor Report

Enthusiast website Saabs United has put out a call to its fellow diehards to purchase the last Saab 9-3 to be built.

The folks over at Saabs United have been a fixture on the Swedish automobile scene for some time now, cementing themselves as the hub for all manner of Saab news and gossip as the fight to keep the brand alive has ebbed and flowed over the past couple of years.

Saabs United has taken it upon itself to rally the faithful in an attempt to purchase the car for donation to the Saab Cars Museum, which was itself only recently saved.

In Auto News

A group of Saab fans hope to raise money to buy the last 9-3 and donate it to the official Saab Museum in Trollhattan, Sweden, which was recently saved from being divvied up.

Auto Evolution

The members of SaabsUnited have decided to chip in as much as they can and buy the last Saab ever to be produced. It a 9-3 Griffin which is scheduled to roll off the production line at the end of the month. Their plan is to raise the necessary cash, through donations, to buy and then permanently place the car in the Saab Cars Museum, where it belongs.

Motor Authority

A group of Saab loyalists at Saabs United are hoping to raise enough money so that this final 9-3 can be purchased and then donated to the official Saab Museum in Trollhattan

When Saab production stopped last year, many cars were still left on the line. Slowly they are being completed. One of them was a Saab 9-3 Griffin; the very last one to ever be produced. It is scheduled to be finished off at the end of May. Saabs United has rallied fans to give enough money to purchase the car.

Note: We rallied fans, yes, but still a little way to the finish line.

Saab Saab-United is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to the (mental) existence of the brand. They started a campaign to get the latest Saab 9-3buying.

Sometimes it’s worth it to use google translate, I love that we are dedicated to the “mental” existence of the brand.

CB (Russia)

Fans of Saab cars have begun to raise funds to purchase the last car

P4 West

This is the blog Saab United, which has launched the collection and in a week it has received almost 200 000 SEK from Saab enthusiasts around the world.

As I write, the last updated amount is 26527 euros and climbing. Now my excitement and anticipation is focused on what will be written about the great fans of Saab who saved the last 9-3 for the museum. I see this happening very soon and I applaud all of you who have taken part, I know that for me, I will be happy to be mentioned as one of the donors of this great Griffin. There has been some talk about an unveil and a way to commemorate the whole thing, we will keep you up to date with everything as it becomes a reality.

As a side note, once we hit the goal, lets keep going and provide a nice little extra for the museum to offset their monthly expenses. We will get this done.

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