The letter that saved the museum

Klassiker´s (Swedish Classic Motoring magazine) Claes Johansson played a crucial role in the Saab Museum was rescued in January.

It was only hours left of the offer period at the Saab Museum. The risk that the unique industrial history collection to be dispersed forever was imminent and the vultures circling in the air to get to the juiciest bits. Some motoring magazines put bids on individual items. But Klassikers Claes Johansson worked on saving the museum as a whole, saving it in Sweden. In addition to writing a highly acclaimed chronicle of he also contacted Poker Wallenberg, the most automobile interested of the Wallenberg sphere, to ensure that he was aware of what was happening.

Claes, who had never previously met Poker, wrote a letter that apparently hit right in “the solar plexus” (swedish expression). In an article in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet March 4 tells Poker Wallenberg about Claes Johansson’s letter was sent around the family and how a rescue operation began. A campaign that led to the winning bid of SEK 28 million for the museum as a whole. Here is the letter (somewhat abbreviated) as Claes Johansson sent January 18 at 16:51 – and that made all the difference:

Hi Poker

Wedding chores are always top of the to-do list, I wish you all the best. Nevertheless, I hope that I for a moment can steal your attention.

It is urgent.

My name is Claes Johansson, I am a reporter and photographer for the newspaper Klassiker. As well as a Saab enthusiast.

I’m guessing that you are informed about the tragic closure of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan. A unique collection is up for sale, as a complete collection or in pieces. I find it hard to find words for how I feel about this.

The museum should long ago have been protected by some sort of a foundation. This should have been started last year at the turbulent Muller-period, that should has been one big alarm bell.

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