Auto-dimming rearview side mirrors, update

A long time ago, Tim wrote a post about the difficulties of getting new auto-dimming rearview side mirrors. I wrote a short add about the mirrors getting back in stock.

The brownish color was not the biggest issue, it was the failure of the dimming function on all mirrors. In November 2015 I fixed my left mirror it has worked fine ever since.

Before: You can see a brownish tone in the left part of the mirror.
After: The new auto-dimming mirror

The auto dimming area does not cover the entire glass. However, that is nothing which you will notice driving the car. The auto dimming function works fine on all mirrors after I replaced the bad one.

Where do YOU buy Saab spare parts?

We receive a lot of questions regarding Saab spare parts through the contact form here at SaabsUnited. People ask where to find certain parts and many don’t even know that there still are plenty of spare parts available for Saab cars (in most cases).

While it’s nice to help other Saab owners, and we’re more than happy to do it, there’s some room for some improvement here.

So, we now have a dedicated page about Saab parts here at SaabsUnited. It explains the current spare parts situation and features a list of Saab spare parts providers.

The list of parts providers contains the earlier advertisers here at SaabsUnited, there are some companies that the Swedish Saab Club cooperates with and then there are some parts providers that the editors here have recommended.

These are basically Saab spare parts providers that we (and other Saab enthusiasts) use and appreciate.

But our list of parts providers is far from complete. We want your help to expand the list. Since we’re based in Sweden, many of the companies are this as well (but they sell internationally). Spare parts providers in Asia, Africa and South America are particularly wanted.

Where do you usually buy your Saab parts? Do you have a favourite provider? Is there some spare parts provider that you avoid? Let us know about it in the comments below or through the contact form.

Nevs and Orio AB sign agreement on global spare parts supply for the new Saab cars

National Electric Sweden AB, Nevs, has ensured the spare parts supply for the newly manufactured Saab cars by an agreement with Orio AB, former Saab Automobile Parts AB.

The signed agreement now ensures the supply of spare parts for the new Saab customers. The global distribution agreement guarantees that spare parts for the new Saab 9-3 cars manufactured by Nevs in Trollhättan, Sweden, can also be ordered from Orio AB. For service and repairs as well as warranty measures, Nevs guides its customers to the existing Saab Service Centers.

“Our new Saab customers can now be confident that the long term supply of spare parts is ensured through established Saab service centers. Both Orio AB and Nevs are glad to forge closer ties between the two companies, as our agreement gives all Saab owners a high service level”, said Jonas Hernqvist, Director Sales and Marketing of Nevs.

On December 2nd Orio and NEVS signed a letter of intent now they have signed the final agreement which is good for new and old Saab drivers. New drivers get access to a network of well educated Saab garages and mechanics, and old Saab drivers have now the certainty that Orio is here to stay and will have some more weight when asking a supplier to produce some spares for older Saab cars.

Worn with Pride

Following on from my last post, where I mentioned the new web shop from Saab Parts UK, I decided to take a look at their website and found a nice offer from them to replace your old faded bonnet badge. This is aimed at the Saab owners in the UK but it might come to your country soon and I would love to be able to report it to you when it happens.

Below is a copy of the offer from their pages but please take a look for yourself and see the details in full.

Read moreWorn with Pride

SAAB Parts UK also opens webshop

Tim mentioned yesterday that a new on line shop was available from Orio and thought it might be for Sweden only, well today I received this press release from the UK guys, which confirms we in Great Britain can also buy parts direct. I hope that the rest of Europe, if not The World, will follow soon.

7th March, 2014
• Genuine Saab Parts now available to buy quickly and conveniently on-line
• “Buy a Part” is a brand new feature of Saab Parts web-site
• Focuses on routine maintenance and “sale” parts (942 items uploaded)
• Price you see is the price you pay (including VAT and delivery to mainland UK*)
• Genuine Saab Parts sold via the Saab Shop are supported by a 2 year warranty.
Saab Parts UK is delighted to announce a brand new feature to the UK web-site; an on-line Saab Shop. Essentially this enables owners and independent repairers searching for a genuine part for their Saab, to easily complete a search by model at their own convenience.
The “buy a part” facility provides a simple search, highlighting the service items applicable to the car, complete with an image, full description and a price inclusive of VAT and delivery. Simply add your selected part to the basket and proceed through to checkout.
Located within the main Saab Parts UK website, the Saab Shop is a convenient and 24 hour outlet to find and buy parts for your Saab. All the 942 items offered on line are Saab genuine, designed to fit first time, engineered to last, and underpinned with a 2 year warranty.
David Leighton, Sales and Marketing Manager of Saab Parts UK, said: “The Saab Shop is an exciting new initiative to make genuine Saab parts more accessible and easier to buy for everyone. Given the increasing popularity of on-line sales in all walks of life, Saab Parts UK is delighted to offer the marketplace another route to buy genuine Saab parts.”
You can visit the Saab Shop by going to the Saab Parts UK homepage  and select the Buy a Part function on the top title bar.

For further information please contact:
Saab Parts UK
Unit 40, Innovation Centre
University Way
MK43 0TB
Tel: 01234 756800
e-mail: [email protected]

ORIO is the governmental owned parts company for Saab parts.


To buy a new or near new car is most often a big economic transaction for most people/familes, some say investment but that might only apply to limited edition super cars that could increase in value.

Guess most because their owners does not know how to operate that often high powered vehicle. Fortunately that is not the case with most Saabs. They are bought to get around to work, relatives and on occasional longer trips. One important factor for most drivers is to have a reliable car that not only starts every day but aslo is repairable when the unenviable is occurring. Accidents, burglary, severe weather etc.

All parts of the vehicle must be able to be found within at the most a week preferably shorter. And when I say all parts I mean all parts 100% of the parts of a Saab car.

The car is not so advanced in the car world that this in any way should be a problem. It is not a Ferrari FXX made in 20 some pieces. It is a bulk made GM based car wit many world-wide GM parts like the EcoTech engine, hiper-strut suspension etc. This was all in my head before I drove to the press-confernce at ORIO.

Read moreORIO is the governmental owned parts company for Saab parts.

Press Information: Saab Automobile Parts AB appoints new CFO and new Sales & Marketing Director

Saab Automobile Parts AB has appointed Fredrik Gyllefjord (31) as CFO and Claes Kalderén (41) as Director of Sales & Marketing. Fredrik and Claes take up their appointments during June and will be members of the Saab Automobile Parts AB management team. They will report to Lennart Ståhl, CEO.

Claes Kalderén
Claes Kalderén

Fredrik Gyllefjord_
Fredrik Gyllefjord_

Fredrik Gyllefjord has held the position as CFO for Saab Automobile Parts AB on a consultancy basis since January 2012. Fredrik is a partner in a consulting company and in that role has, amongst other things, had assignments as a management consultant and has worked with the acquisition and sale of companies. He has previously been employed within Saab Automobile AB where he has had a number of assignments within the finance function covering for example financing, treasury, business development and deputy CFO.

Claes Kalderén comes to us from the Districom Group, a consulting company, where he was a founding member and managing director. The company, which is based in China, specializes in the development of sales and distribution channels for the Asian automotive industry. Claes also brings with him his valuable experience from Mercedes-Benz in China where he was the Senior Fleet Sales Manager with responsibility for establishing the car sales organisation in China.

Read morePress Information: Saab Automobile Parts AB appoints new CFO and new Sales & Marketing Director

At the hub of Saab Automobile Parts AB

In Nyköping many years ago a company called ANA: Aktiebolaget Nyköpings Automobil Fabrik (Nyköpings Car-factory Inc.) was formed with over 3500 employees, where CKD cars, basically kit-cars which were bought from various parts of the world, assembled and sold in Sweden. The products could vary from Simka, Dodge, Van Guard etc. The company had dealerships called ANA located in Linköping, Nyköping, Södertälje, Trollhättan etc…

These dealerships were very good at selling and servicing cars. Saab in Trollhättan started building cars about the same time but sold its cars through a dealership-chain called Filipssons, however they weren’t very good at what they did, so when ANA stopped producing cars Saab decided to purchase the dealership chain.

Once Saab took over, the facility in Nyköping became the main location for its parts-management. In the 80s the facility in Nyköping grew and some parts production was placed there, until the early 90s where most of these in-house production was leased out. 

Saab Automobile Parts Nyköping

First of all: Parts availability is good and Saab Automobile Parts AB cover all major markets that used to sell new Saabs. Tim and I met with Lennart Ståhl, the CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB, on the afternoon of Monday April 23rd. One of the things we learned is just how big the facility in Nyköping, Sweden is. On an average day the company typically see about 50 trucks arriving carrying between 1000-1200 deliveries from the roughly counted 1700 suppliers. The same amount of trucks leave with parts, now en-route to the customers. The order system peaks at about 12’000 orders per day, which usually happens at the beginning of the week.

Every Monday an inventory check is performed for each model to look for back-orders. E.g. the week we visited SP, the 9-5 had 30 items on back-order. Most of these will be restocked immediately (perhaps even the same day), but a handful remain a problem such as the notorious HUD windshield for left hand drive markets. Work is still in progress on coming up with a good alternative for HUD-equipped 9-5s, but so far the process involving the reflective coating has proven difficult to solve. The 9-5 parts catalogue covers 7000+ items from a wide range of suppliers.

Saab Automobile Parts AB support a total 1200 workshops in 63 markets around the worlds over 1.2 million cars. Roughly 350 people work at Saab Automobile Parts AB around the world.

The racks extend 93.6m back and reign 20.6m tall
The racks extend 93.6m back and reign 20.6m tall

The facility has grown over the years. After GM completed the purchase of Saab Automobile in 2000, the Nyköping facility has exclusively dealt with spare parts. With Spyker’s purchase in 2009, Saab Automobile Parts AB was established as a separate entity and thus financially shielded from the aftermath of the bankruptcy of its mother company.

One of the major challenges post-Spyker has been the North American market. Saab Cars North America owned the exclusive rights to import parts for Saabs. Only when the bankruptcy court released those rights were Saab Automobile Parts AB able to form a new company – Saab Parts North America – to fill the gap.

As Jason Powell reported, SPNA has a huge warehouse in Allentown, PA. Jason tells me that Allentown’s current fill rate is 95% and increasing. It is worth pointing out that when a dealer in the US checks the system it only reports what can be found in Allentown. A low number (or even ‘zero’) is not necessarily representative of what Saab Automobile Parts AB can supply. It usually means more parts are on the way. Even when shipped from Sweden, if an order is marked as “Vehicle Off Road” the part is usually shipped by air and will arrive the next day.

Another issue is that in the normal lifespan of a part, some suppliers are swapped as the factory winds down production of the model that uses that part. Many of the factory’s suppliers require a steady flow of production and are simply not equipped to handle short bursts of production of relatively small volumes. The factory’s production halt in 2011 had wide-reaching consequences that took a little time to sort out.

As can be seen from the drawing, the facility consists of several warehouses, first section which in the middle was built in 1976 which housed a total 20’000 square meters. In the mid-80s more sections were added. The whole area is divided into segments of 10’000 square meters which houses its own fire fighting system which does not even have to rely upon the standard fire-fighting system in the city. The facility has a built in sprinkler system with reservoir tank of 6000 cubic meters of water.

The Two of the warehouses are equipped with robots fetching and storing items on the shelves with impressive speed. A third warehouse is a mix between humans with forklifts reaching the first four shelves and the upper shelves managed by a robot restocking the lower shelves as needed. Eventually the smaller parts are carried to the packaging area where the staff fills up shipping containers as indicated by the computer software.

Meet 'Donna', the autonomous drone that happily scoots crates of parts around all day from one warehouse to another.
Meet ‘Donna’, one of the autonomous drones that happily scoots crates of parts around all day from one warehouse to another.

A crate loaded with parts fetched from the matrix (these racks are 109m long, 21m tall and have a capacity of 16500 pallets)
A crate loaded with parts fetched from the matrix (these racks are 109m long, 21m tall and have a capacity of 16500 pallets)

One of six (in this warehouse) automatic cranes dropping making a drop-off
One of six (in this warehouse) automatic cranes making a drop-off

Lock cylinder assemblyThere are also various workshops on the premises. One takes care of the final configuration and assembly of lock cylinders. Each cylinder contains its own unique little code that is programmed using different shaped inserts. Every insert is installed with its own little spring and the end result can of course only be unlocked using the corresponding key.

Mr Ståhl also told us that the number of authorized Saab workshops is increasing steadily. There are on-line training courses that are used to educate mechanics who wants to start working with Saabs. In addition a few tools are needed, such as Parts & Service Information, Diagnostic Tools and Special Tools.

Shipping and sorting
Shipping and sorting

All the parts of an order are dispatched to one of many packaging areas and the operator fills boxes as directed.
All the parts of an order are dispatched to one of many packaging areas and the operator fills boxes as directed.

End of the line
End of the line

Finally, before the OG9-5 tools were shipped off to BAIC in China, Saab Automobile Parts AB put in an order for a large number of body parts to last us customers a life-time. Similarly, the factory has been producing 9-3 and NG9-5 body parts following the bankruptcy and NEVS’ acquisition of Saab Automobile. These parts are plentiful and drivers of Saab can once again safely engage ‘ramming speed’ as deemed fit, without worrying about the availability of spare parts.

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