PRESS-RELEASE SPNA Saab Secure Program

This morning I received an email from Tim Colbeck which contained the following press release about the Saab Secure Program being released today which will give a Limited Lifetime Protection Plan on internal engine components. Tim wanted to give us the SAABSUNITED community an advance copy of the release and once again, I thank him for always having the Saab customer in mind in all he does.

Here is the Press-Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      January 10, 2013

 Saab Automobile Parts North America Launches Saab Secure Program for recent Saab Owners               

  • Program makes available a Limited Lifetime Protection Plan on internal engine components for 2010 and 2011 Model Year Saab owners for no initial cost.
  • Offers affordable extended vehicle service contract coverage, backed by a respected industry partner.
  • Program complements the recent agreement between Saab Automobile Parts North America and General Motors to provide warranty services on 2009 and prior model year vehicles.
  • Saab Automobile parts North America has created an infrastructure to ensure Saab Owners have access to Saab Genuine Parts, Accessories and Service for many years to come.

Today, Saab Automobile Parts North America (SPNA) announced its Saab Secureprogram.  The program was developed to support those 2010 and 2011 model year Saab owners left without warranty coverage due to the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB in Sweden.

All 2010 and 2011 model year Saab vehicle owners are eligible to come in for a no charge initial oil change and service, which includes BG Products, Inc. engine oil additives.   This service initiates the Limited Lifetime Protection Plan backed by BG.  As long as the owner continues to service their vehicle within the required intervals and at a Saab Official Service Center, the protection plan will continue for the life of the vehicle.

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Press Information: Saab Parts continues to expand in Europe

Parts AB continues to expand in Europe

  • Expansion in Europe continues – Saab Automobile Parts AB establishes new subsidiaries in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark.
  • The establishments ensures continued sales and distribution of Saab Genuine replacement parts in Europe.
  • European market is of great importance in the company’s future strategy

Saab Automobile Parts AB continues to expand in Europe and has established new subsidiaries in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark. The newly formed companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Saab Automobile Parts AB and the staff employed have a considerable experience with Saab. The new subsidiaries further strengthen the international representation of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

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What Matters Most?

Yesterday there was a post about a parts bag that was double stamped saying made in China and made in Canada on the same bag. Now if anyone is purposely trying to hide the country of origin a secret or covering up a lie then yes that is not good at all. This really makes me wonder though as to what matters the most to us? I really want to know that regardless of where the parts come from, that they will be coming and if I buy a ten year old Saab, that I will be able to get parts and easily.

I think for most, this is what is of the most importance to us and the one thing we want to see secured or fixed. Parts availability is the most crucial thing we want to hear as being taken care of because it can potentially affect our every day driving.

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Parts Update From SPNA

I had promised a follow up to one of my recent post on Saab Parts North America. In that post there were some questions raised that I had forwarded to Tim Colbeck. Thanks again to Tim for taking the time to follow up on our questions and for always being available.

We need to remember that in a very short period of time considering all that has happened, Saab Parts has accomplished an awful lot and continue to work through everything in front of them.

Below are the questions and answers from the post:

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BMW Has No Case Claims Saab Parts

In an article on Just Auto today Saab Parts insists BMW has no case following their lawsuit against the parts company. This echo’s what Saab Parts had initially stated when the lawsuit was brought forward.

BMW’s case surrounds parts and components ordered by Saab before the bankruptcy and centers around 1.6L turbo engines to have been used on future Saab models.

BMW is seeking US $3.3 million for goods delivered yet Saab Parts has stated time and again that no goods were delivered to them. To an outsider like myself looking at this it would simply appear that BMW had delivered goods to Saab, Saab went into bankruptcy making it impossible to get their money. Then they figured Saab Parts was the way to go because they were outside the bankruptcy. What is unclear to me is how they would think they have a case when there is clearly nothing showing that Saab Parts had ever received any goods. Saab Parts is not Saab Cars and the companies had been set up individually.

“We are still of the opinion they [BMW] have no case,” Saab Automobile Parts CEO, Lennart Stal, told just-auto from Sweden. “We have received the documentation from the legal side from BMW and we are reviewing that.

“According to Swedish law, we have 21 days…so we now have two weeks to give an answer.”

Based on what Lennart Stal is quoted saying here, Saab parts is of the opinion that there is no case with BMW’s lawsuit and this falls in line with an email between myself an Tim Colbeck who had said he felt I was on the right track with my views on the lawsuit.

Every company has its team of lawyers and obviously BMW and their lawyers feel they have reason to sue and one cannot fault them for wanting to be paid if they delivered goods. On the other hand, Saab Parts as its own company separate from Saab Automobiles has a very valid point and if they were never a part of the goods that are claimed to have been delivered, why should they be responsible?

It has always been my way of understanding and I may be wrong, but when Spyker bought Saab and needed the EIB loans, they secured them through the NDO with Saab Parts being collateral. This was done well before BMW entered the picture with any kind of agreements for parts or engines. One would assume BMW at that time knew they were taking a risk not being paid on delivery. When Saab entered bankruptcy and Saab Parts was taken by the NDO, again in my mind, Saab Parts became a new company of sorts and one that I think would be very difficult for BMW to get money from. If Saab Parts did not order or receive the said goods, why should the NDO or Saab Parts pay?

I know we have lawyers who read us here and please note I am not a lawyer, I do not study corporate law or Swedish law but I just don’t see how the NDO wouldn’t be protected by these claims.

BMW Is Suing Saab Parts

We have had some posts to other threads concerning the lawsuit filed against Saab Parts by BMW and I was waiting for more of a story to unfold before just post BMW sues Saab as that is not much of a story. Thankfully I have found a fairly complete story on Nasdaq.

It would appear that the German car maker BMW is suing Saab Parts AB for 2.6 million euros plus interest for unpaid deliveries. The lawsuit was filed in the Swedish district court in Nykoping Monday.

Lennart Stahl, Chief Executive of Saab Automobile Parts AB, said the company has contested the claim in earlier contact with BMW’s lawyers and that it will go over the claim again. “Our lawyers will now go through the lawsuit carefully and see if anything new has been added before we decide what to do,” he said.

This all dates back to September of 2010 when Saab/SWAN and BMW entered into an agreement to supply and develop 4cyl gas engines to be used in the 9-3. The agreement also covered components and spare parts. A large number of parts and components were ordered by Saab and never paid for. Saab throughout 2011 did not have the means to pay for the outstanding bills and filed for bankruptcy in December.

The lawsuit is saying that Saab Parts is liable for the unpaid bills since Saab had declared bankruptcy.

However, Mr. Stahl doesn’t believe Saab Automobile Parts should have to pay for components ordered by Saab Automobile. “Saab Automobile Parts AB have not ordered or received any spare parts or components from BMW,” he said. “Why would a spare part company order components for a car model that’s not yet in production?”

Shares in Saab Automobile Parts AB were put up as collateral by Saab Automobile AB in exchange for state-backed guarantees for its loans in the European Investment Bank. The Swedish National Dept Office, the authority which guaranteed Saab’s loans in the EIB, has declared its intention to sell Saab Automobile Parts AB in order to collect Saab’s debt.

I am no lawyer but I think it will be a bit of a difficult battle to collect debt from Saab Parts which has now been taken over by the NDO. If you can go after Saab Parts when that is not the branch that ordered these parts, what’s to stop suppliers from doing the same thing? I do not think from what I read here that there is much of a case against Saab Parts and unfortunately for BMW they are in the same boat as many of the suppliers and I think it’s almost an insult to suppliers for them to view themselves differently. We have suppliers who have been affected in a very critical way who have lost business and employees in downsizing measures because of what happened and they are not getting special treatment so I would hope that BMW is treated in the same manner. As big a number as 2.6 million euros is, for BMW they will survive through this, for a supplier that number would kill most of them.

If I am wrong then this could be a disaster for the NDO and Saab Parts but I think that is a huge stretch to think that they can go after a company that was used as collateral like Saab Parts.

Big Updates From Saab Parts North America

For those that attended the SOC in Iowa, you will know that Saab Parts North America was there and answering questions and handing out goodies. Today dealers and service centers received an email from Saab Parts North America with some very exciting news and some needed answers. Here are some of the key highlights to dealers from the attached file are below.

It’s been a busy summer at SPNA. We’ve been working hard on many fronts to improve the company and make it easier for you to do business with us.

Our network has increased with 20 new OSC’s in the last month. Our website is being actively updated with content and seeing weekly increases in traffic. Progress in the availability of parts is getting better by the day.

Some highlights of our parts sourcing activities are out- lined below:

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SOC 2012 Wrap Up

The 2012 SOC has come to a close, but the stories and photo’s keep rolling in. I have heard people in and out of the Saab community try to tell me that the Saab community is all but dead. Dead? What rock are they living under? If this is death of a community, I’ll take it because I’ve been a part of other groups that didn’t have the kind of response that Saab does even when they were healthy. With over 200 people attending the 2012 SOC in Iowa and the same kind of action if not more at IntSaab 2012 in Belgium, I would say the community is still alive and kicking.

Below are some photo’s and a story from Tim O and his time at SOC.

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