SPNA-No Charge Oil Change Offer Extended

Saab Parts North America extends the no charge oil change service on MY ’10 & ’11s until June 30, 2013. This also is what triggers the start of the Saab Secure Program for those that have not taken advantage as of yet. Call your Saab service provider for details and if available in your area. I am aware that some dealers are not taking part at their choice but for those of you that have dealers that are, sign up and take advantage, the worst that will happen is that you get a free oil change.


SAAB Spirit Lives On And Then Some

This past Friday night over 250 of Saabs faithful came together under one roof at the Simeone Museum to share a night talking about the cars and people that make Saab so different. This is an event that will not be forgotten by those in attendance that got a chance to speak and listen to the former head of Saab Cars North America and present head of Saab Parts North America, Tim Colbeck. Victor Muller former owner of Saab Cars and present owner of Spyker was scheduled to have attended as a speaker but had to withdraw at the last minute which sounds like a big let down and to some I’m sure it was but Tim Colbeck did an amazing job of taking over as a main speaker and his personal stories really showed everyone how dedicated he is to the Saab faithful and brand. Tim along with John Moss and Bill Jacobson were great and very appreciated by those in attendance.

Photo: Andrew Taylor

When I spoke to Harry Hurst from the museum this week, he had said that Dr. Simeone had said of the event:

“This was the biggest – by a factor of two – event of this nature that we’ve ever done. It is a testament to the loyalty and love that Saab owners have for their cars.”

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NEVS Contacts North American Dealers USA and Canada

Recently we read about NEVS contacting select Saab dealers across Europe. What we hadn’t heard and were immediately being asked about was, what about North America?

Well, I can now tell you that as of Friday morning all US and Canadian dealers who have information on file with SPNA have received the same letter. This had been in the works for a while with European dealers first followed by all of North America and was discussed at NADA last week.

I’m sure this won’t ease everyones worries about wether or not NEVS/SAAB has plans for North America but I can tell you that I have seen the letter and believe that this is yet another good sign to things to come.

We are heading in the right direction and things just keep coming into place.

SPNA Rolls Out SAAB Secure


Today I received an email from Christopher Wiseman who is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Saab Automobile Parts North America. In the email he states that SPNA completed its rollout of the Saab Secure Program to the OSC network, with the launch of Saab Secure Vehicle Service Contracts to the U.S. market. In the first day, they are already seeing some vehicle service contracts being completed as well. For anyone who had experienced problems in the past about purchasing a vehicle service contract, your dealer should now have documents needed in place. If you click the ad above, you will be directed to the Saab Secure page where you can find your closest dealer. As a dealer manager, I can tell you that we all look forward to being able to help you with all of your SAAB needs and this helps us in offering solutions for our valued friends and clients. As mentioned in an earlier post, SPNA has a customer service number as well at 1-800-955-9007 to help you as well.

SAAB Secure Update

While doing some digging online yesterday, I came across the BG Lifetime Protection Plan and a breakdown of how to qualify and remain eligible for coverage. There are two plans that differ slightly and start at 0-36,000 miles or 36,001-75,000 miles. This is the base coverage plan that is started by your free oil change (if you own a 2010-2011 Saab) offered at participating Saab Service Centers.

I also dug a little further and found a complete breakdown of the program and how to maintain your coverage and put that into a pdf format. I sent this off to SPNA and was told that the info I have is the same that they have and that it is in for final approval before being sent out to the dealer network which means it could change a little but this is the coverage as noted from the BG information I could find.

It is important to note that the SPNA team is about 20 between the main office and the warehouse.  All of them are one person operations. In other words, a marketing and comm’s department run by one person.  Another person is the IT department, etc. One person doing it all for each area of the operation. Trying to stay lean and cost effective as they start-up.

Sit back and read it at your leisure, there is lots to read. I hope this helps.

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